Strategic Planning

Our purpose

The Strategic Planning portfolio deals with planning policy, urban design, diverse and affordable housing and connected multi use community facilities.

It promotes more active modes of transport and strategies to reduce car use. This portfolio supports the preservation of Moonee Valley's heritage and the creation of high quality natural and environmentally advanced built environments. It leads council on creating a climate adapted, low carbon, water sensitive, biodiverse and resource efficient city which manages its open space, waterways and waste in a sustainable manner.

The portfolio also supports people in the community having the tools and knowledge they need to live sustainably.

Our membership

Councillor representatives:

  • Chair - Cr Nicole Marshall
  • Deputy - Cr John Sipek

Community members:

  • Tyson Brennan
  • Adam Maciejewski
  • Jennifer Nola
  • Stephanie Pasharis
  • Senka Sestan
  • Jarrod Smith
  • Cat Turville
  • Justin Wibrow
  • Adam Wojcik


Meeting dates Agenda Minutes
Thursday 14 September 2017 Agenda - 14 September (pdf) Minutes - 14 September (pdf)
Thursday 30 November 2017 Agenda - 30 November (pdf) Minutes- 30 November (pdf)
Thursday 15 March 2018 Agenda - 15 March (pdf) Minutes- To be confirmed

Terms of Reference

Strategic Planning- Terms of Reference (pdf)

More information

If you would like more information please contact us at or 9243 1049.

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