Tenders and Public notices

Tender - Moonee Valley City Council Cloud Migration

Council seeks to engage a vendor to provide professional services to redesign and migrate Council’s server platform to a cloud services environment. In addition to the assessment and redesign of the platform, the successful vendor will deploy the new infrastructure environment, establish required automation and provide options in relation to ongoing support and maintenance.

Reference No:                     FW2/18/48
Documents Available:         12:00 pm (noon), Saturday 9th February 2019
Closing Date &Time:           2:00 pm Friday 1st March 2019,
Contact Person:                  Hossein Parsa
Email:                                  Hparsa@mvcc.vic.gov.au

Tender documents can be downloaded free of charge by visiting Council’s e-tendering website http://mvcc.vic.gov.au/tenders.

Submissions are to be lodged as detailed in the documentation via the eTenderbox  http://mvcc.vic.gov.au/tenders no later than the specified closing date and time.

Late, emailed, hard copied or facsimiled submissions will not be accepted.
Council is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender.

Chief Executive Officer

The Age, 16 February 2019


Public Notice - Important Notice for East Keilor Leisure Centre Member's

Moonee Valley City Council, the owners of East Keilor Leisure Centre, is redeveloping the site and building a new leisure facility which will be opened in late 2020. The centre will officially close on Thursday 28 February 2019 for redevelopment of the new facility. At close of business, Belgravia Leisure Unit Trust (“Belgravia Leisure”) will cease to manage the East Keilor Leisure Centre and the Centre will be closed. 

Membership details (including names, addresses and bank account details of members) will be provided by Belgravia Leisure to Moonee Valley City Council in accordance with the operating contract.  Members may contact Belgravia Leisure to correct any membership details before 28 February 2019.

In accordance with the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic), Belgravia Leisure will be transferring members’ “health information” to Moonee Valley City Council and Belgravia Leisure does not intend to retain the information post transfer.  This transfer of health information will occur a minimum of 21 days after this notice is published.  Individuals seeking access to their health information should contact Belgravia Leisure before 28 February 2019, or Moonee Valley City Council from 1 March 2019.

Members may contact Belgravia Leisure to request a membership transfer to another Council owned leisure centre or facility managed by Belgravia Leisure. For members who elect to transfer their membership, there will be no interruptions and all pre-paid memberships and services will be honoured by Belgravia Leisure. Members who elect not to transfer their membership, their prepaid memberships will cease on 28 February 2019.

Following the closure of East Keilor Leisure Centre, members will receive a communication update from Moonee Valley City Council on the redevelopment of the new leisure centre and alternative leisure programs. Members may contact Council’s Privacy Officer to correct any membership details or to opt-out of receiving any future communications.

Any queries regarding the East Keilor Leisure Centre redevelopment project or access to alternative leisure programs should be directed to Moonee Valley City Council Leisure Services team on 9243 8888 or email council@mvcc.vic.gov.au


Public Notice - Notice of Intention to Declare Special Rate and Charge - Moonee Ponds Activity Centre

At its Ordinary Meeting on 11 December 2018, Moonee Valley City Council (Council) resolved to give notice of its intention to declare a Special Rate and Charge (Scheme).
Council intends to declare the Scheme at its Ordinary Meeting on 14 May 2019.  The Scheme will be for the purposes of defraying expenses to be incurred by Council in providing funds to the Moonee Ponds Rate Levy Association (Association).  The Scheme funds are to be used to fund a part-time Shopping Centre Coordinator, promotional, advertising, marketing, business development and other incidental expenses as approved by Council and agreed between Council and the Association, all of which are associated with the encouragement of commerce, retail and professional activity and employment in the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre (Business Precinct).

The Scheme will be based on geographic criteria, having regard to the location and capital improved value of rateable properties in the Business Precinct that are used, or reasonably capable of being used, for commercial, retail or professional purposes.  Council considers that each rateable property and each business included in the Scheme area that is required to pay the Special Rate and Charge will receive a special benefit because the viability of the Business Precinct as a commercial, retail and professional area will be enhanced through increased economic activity.
The Scheme is intended to raise funds in performing functions and exercising powers in relation to activities associated with the encouragement of commerce and retail activity in and around the area the Scheme applies to.  Council intends to levy and spend $190,000 in the first year of the Scheme, which will increase by $10,000 in each year of the Scheme.  The Scheme will raise $1.05 million over its five year period, which is the total cost of performing the functions and exercising the powers associated with the Scheme. The Scheme is to be declared, and will remain in force, from 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2024.

The Special Rate and Charge will be assessed based on the following:
    a) an 80 per cent Special Rate component calculated by multiplying the capital improved value of each property by a rate in the dollar (adjusted annually);
    b) a 20 per cent fixed Special Charge component assessed as a flat charge of $68.84 in the first year;
    c) all properties not located on Puckle Street will have their rate component discounted by 20 per cent; and
    d) the Special Rate and Charge will be capped at a maximum amount of $5,000 per rated property per year.

The total amount of the Special Rate and Charge is to be collected, and will increase by $10,000 in each year of the Scheme for the remaining four years of the Scheme.
Council will levy the Special Rate and Charge by sending a notice of levy annually to the persons who are liable to pay it.  The notice will require the Special Rate and Charge to be paid in one instalment, by the date specified in the notice.  

Council will consider cases of financial and other hardship and may reconsider other payment options for the Special Rate and Charge.  No incentives will be given for early payment.

Council estimates the proportion of the total benefits of the Scheme (including all special benefits and community benefits) that will accrue as special benefits to those liable to pay the Special Rate and Charge is 100%.  This is because, in Council’s opinion, all of the services and activities to be provided with the Special Rate and Charge funds are marketing, promotion and advertising related and will only benefit those properties and businesses included in the Scheme that are used, or reasonably capable of being used, for retail, commercial or professional purposes.

Copies of the proposed declaration of the Special Rate and Charge and a plan showing the land and properties required to pay the Special Rate and Charge are available for inspection at Council’s offices, 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039.  These will be available during normal business hours for at least 28 days after the publication of this notice.
Any person may make a written submission to the Council on the Special Rate and Charge.

In addition, an owner or occupier of land who will be required to pay the Special Rate and Charge has a right to make a written objection to the Council.  An occupier of a property included in the Scheme is entitled to object if they submit documentary evidence with the objection showing that it is a condition of their lease that they are to pay the Special Rate and Charge.

Written submissions or objections must be received by Council by 22 March 2019, 5pm. Submissions and/or objections must be in writing and addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Lancaster, Moonee Valley City Council, 9 Kellaway Avenue, Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039 or business@mvcc.vic.gov.au.

Any person who has made a written submission and has requested to be heard in support of their written submission is entitled to appear in person or to be represented by a person specified in the submission before a Council Committee on Monday 1 April, 2019 at 5.30pm at Council’s offices, 9 Kellaway Avenue Moonee Ponds.

Council will consider any written submissions and take into account any objections in determining whether to declare the Special Rate and Charge.

If you would like further information about the proposed Special Rate and Charge, please contact Nadine Muscat, Business Development Officer, Economic Development, phone 03 9243 8888 or email business@mvcc.vic.gov.au.

Chief Executive Officer

 Moonee Valley Leader, 13 February

Moonee Valley Weekly, 13 February

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