Environment strategies

We have a range of strategies which aim to improve our environmental footprint. 

City Sustainability Policy

After extensive consultation over two years with community groups, individuals, schools and businesses, we have developed a City Sustainability Policy (pdf 1.76MB), doc 156mb that brings our environmental principles up front to the design of our city.

Policy themes

  • Urban ecology – greening our city
  • Living locally – designing our city better
  • Your home and work place – lessening the impact
  • Valuing our resources – ways to lessen our waste

The policy supports great ideas like:

  • Enhanced green space - Encouraging vegetation in landscapes, streetscapes and buildings.
  • Complete Streets - Designing streets that are safe and attractive  to all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transport users of all ages and abilities. See the Complete Streets fact sheet (pdf, 289KB) for more information.

  • Better buildings - New buildings and renovations need to support reduced greenhouse, water and material impacts, while increasing sustainable transport and urban ecology.

  • Sharing economy - Where access to goods and skills is more important than their ownership.

Your input

As always, the Environment team welcomes your ideas and suggestions for ways we can work together to make our city a better place to live. Just email us at environment@mvcc.vic.gov.au.

Urban ecology

Our plan for improving urban ecology is guided by:

Water management

Our plan for sustainable water management to save water and prevent water pollution is guided by:

Greenhouse emissions

Reducing greenhouse emissions to help prevent climate change is directed by the following strategy and action plans:

Waste management

Reducing waste to landfill and making better use of our resources is guided by our:


Reducing air and water pollution is guided by our:

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