Flemington Community @ Debneys Park

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A welcoming, beautiful and sustainable place

We’re working to create a welcoming, beautiful and sustainable place for Flemington. People at all stages of life need access to quality spaces, facilities and services to be healthy and resilient - now and in the future. 

Over the past several months, we’ve been consulting with the Flemington and Travancore community to explore future options for Debneys Park and the Flemington Community Centre.

We’ve heard you love some things but the space deserves an upgrade

We’ve heard you love Debneys Park and Flemington Community Centre, but you also think the space deserves an upgrade.  With up to 2,000 visitors per week, the 60-year-old Flemington Community Centre is ready for a rebuild so it can continue to be a space where the community gathers, even as the community grows. The following themes reflect community needs and aspirations identified during recent consultations:

  • Multi-generational activities and play
  • Connection to nature and green open spaces
  • Learning and making spaces
  • Colourful places and spaces.

Options for you to ponder

Based on your feedback, research and advice from architects, we’re now ready to share with you three options for what the Flemington Community @ Debneys Park could look like in the future.

The options are “concept designs”, meaning we are still exploring what the spaces will look and feel like. We will gather information from you to help us get to the next stage, where we will have one preferred concept option that will be developed and presented back to the community later in 2019.

We have $40m in our capital works plan to deliver the Hub element, and we’re also planning now for the broader precinct so that it’s complementary and well thought through for future delivery.

We hope you’ll be as excited by the possibilities as we are.

Some key principles informing the design process

  • Create welcoming and safe spaces
  • Encourage multi-generational spaces and places (multi-uses for multi-users)
  • Protect, enhance and increase open space and natural environments
  • Integrate with surrounding areas and create great linkages
  • Provide flexibility and adaptability to meet changing needs over successive generations

So let’s talk about the future of Flemington Community @Debneys Park! 


The project is a key priority in our Advocacy Strategy 2018-21 and MV2040 Strategy and we are seeking support from other levels of government to partner with us to deliver a hub that the whole community can visit and enjoy.

Last updated: Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 3:48 AM