Playspace Plan

Play is at the core of children's discovery and learning experience. We have a key role in supporting play throughout the city's public open space - parks, gardens, plazas and reserves.

Importance of play

As well as being fun, playing enables children to develop great skills and interact with one another, with adults and with their environment.  There are play experiences that can't happen easily at home, childcare or school.  Open and landscaped parks with natural elements and the freedom to engage in unstructured play provide children and young people with different sensory experiences and unique opportunities to explore, be active and socialise.

There are four key areas of play, all of which are important for the development of children:

  • Physical play - running, jumping, kicking, climbing, swinging, sliding, balancing, skipping, hopping, catching, throwing, hanging, hanging, manipulative activities
  • Social play - chatting, sharing, negotiating, leading, participating, instructing or demonstrating, cooperation and collaborating
  • Cognitive play - exploring, ordering, sorting, classifying, observing, assimilating new knowledge, making connections and understanding 
  • Imaginative/creative play - dancing, singing, play acting, constructing, painting, drawing, building play cooking, appropriating and improvising

Play in Moonee Valley

Moonee Valley currently provides 97 playspaces for children 0-18 years. The term playspace refers to the 'whole' play equipment, meaning play equipment, but also open grassed areas, skate and BMX settings, seats, logs, paths, trees etc., all of which combine together to form a rich, varied and diverse play environment.

Playspace Plan 2013-23

We have developed a Playspace Plan (PDF 5.53MB) (Microsoft Word accessible version 4.83MB) to guide the upgrade, replacement and installation of new public playspaces. The plan falls under the Leisure Strategy and the Open Space Strategy and is informed by their directions.

The plan recognises that play is important for children of all ages and recommends that:

  • Residents can access play opportunities within walking distance of their home
  • There is an even spread of types of playspaces across the city
  • Playspaces cater for different age groups, including older children
  • Playspaces are safe, attractive and accessible places for all family members

The plan recommends nine new playspaces in Moonee Valley, an increased diversity of play opportunities in our suburbs including more natural play environments and more playspaces suitable for 10-18 year olds. 

More information

For more information, contact the Urban Design team on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Friday, 12 October 2018, 12:06 AM