Former proposed East West Link

Latest update – September 2015

East West Link planning scheme amendment

We are pleased to advise that a planning scheme amendment (amendment GC36) was gazetted on 3 September 2015 to remove the planning scheme provisions that were introduced for the East West Link project in 2014. This amendment applied to the Moonee Valley, Melbourne, Moreland and Yarra planning schemes.

The amendment comes about following our persistence in advocating to the State Government on our concerns over the potential implications of having the enabling documentation for the East West Link remaining within the planning scheme. This has provided greater certainty in relation to those land areas that were included within the East West Link project area. The State Government has agreed with us that there is no valid reason for the planning controls to remain,

There are still a number of unresolved land issues in relation to the East West Link project for us and the State Government to discuss. We will continue to work with all levels of government to ensure positive outcomes in relation to long-standing land ownership issues.

We will continue to keep this page updated on the outcome of these discussions with the State Government.

What is the East West Link?

The former State Government planned to build an east west road link across Melbourne, spanning approximately 18 kilometres across the city. This project was to be divided into an Eastern section and a Western section, with the Eastern section to be the first to roll-out.

The Eastern section would have connected the Eastern Freeway with CityLink, and was to include a tunnel section, taking the road underground across parts of Melbourne. The Western section would have linked the Port of Melbourne to West Footscray and the Western Ring Road. This section was to be completed in stage two.

This project was being managed by the Linking Melbourne Authority, who previously managed the Peninsula Link project.

What was our role in this?

We didn't support the State Government allocating funding to this project over other more urgent items – such as constructing the Metro Rail Tunnel and improving public transport options to Melbourne Airport. In our opinion, the western section of the East West Link (not the eastern section which was proposed) is more urgently needed to provide drivers with an alternative to the Westgate Freeway.

We were in contact with all levels of government, particularly the State Government, the Linking Melbourne Authority and other Victorian councils to advocate our position on the East West Link project.

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