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The Incinerator Gallery provides a stimulating range of inquiry-based education programs for students and educators at all levels, to complement the exhibitions, architecture and local history. Programs are designed around Victorian Curriculum and VCE requirements to foster a deeper appreciation of art through critical and creative thinking.

Student programs are free, last 45-55 minutes and are suitable for kindergarten through primary, secondary and VCE year levels.

Programs are adapted to suit different year levels and student needs. Select from the tour types described below.

Education tours are available from Tuesday to Friday during exhibition seasons, at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. See the Exhibitions program for dates.

Bookings are essential for all programs.

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When you submit the online registration form to request an Incinerator Gallery visit, your arrangements are not final until you have received a confirmation letter via email, which will include information you will need to know about your excursion.

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For more information or to discuss your student group’s specific needs contact Christine by email or call 03 8325 1740.

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Student Programs

Take a tour through the Incinerator’s galleries, exploring the themes, ideas, materials and techniques featured in exhibitions. Be challenged to wonder about and discuss works made by contemporary artists. General exhibition tours are available, as well as programs listed below and tours tailored to the particular needs of a class.

What is Art?

Our response to art is informed by the ways artists apply techniques, materials, processes and technologies, and the way it is displayed. It is also reliant on what the viewer brings to the experience and this guided inquiry assists students to carefully examine artists’ use of colour, texture, shape, material, scale to form considered judgements. This program may include a Visual Thinking Strategies conversation.

Recommended for Early to Middle Years, EAL students and those new to gallery spaces

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Community, Change and Creativity 

Explore the history of the Incinerator Gallery and its significance to the local community and history. Learn how residents campaigned to find a solution to increasing amounts of waste as populations increased. Consider how architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney believed that art and architecture could inspire communities and create change for the betterment of society.

Recommended for Foundation to Middle Years levels

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Exhibition Viewpoints

Designed to complement the Incinerator Gallery exhibition program this tour encourages students to investigate and critique exhibitions. Students view artworks to ask and answer questions that explore the artists’ intended meanings. Students consider the interests and concerns of artists and viewers regarding time, place, philosophies and ideologies, critical theories, institutions and psychology that are relevant to the works.

Recommended for Middle Years students

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Looking to Write

Students begin by looking closely at an artwork or architectural element. They will be asked to describe it by writing down what they notice; colour, shape, tone, mood, or to speculate an idea about it. Students may be invited to consider how the artwork relates to their own life experiences and prior knowledge. They will share their observations and continue with a range of written activities to build on these responses to consider art as inspiration for writing.

Recommended for Middle Years to VCE students

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VCE Student Programs 

The VCE Study Design for Studio Arts states “it is essential that students be provided with experiences where they can directly engage with artworks in the context of the environment in which they are presented.” The Incinerator Gallery can provide an educator to provide teachers with support in the following areas.  

Studio Art: Ideas and Styles in Artwork

Students analyse contemporary artworks in the gallery setting, discussing how art elements and principles can be used to communicate artists’ ideas, and to create aesthetic qualities and styles. Students discuss issues around appropriation and copyright. They are encouraged to participate in discussions that will challenge them to slow down their looking at art to justify their ideas about particular works.

This program addresses key knowledge required for VCE Studio Arts Unit 2 Area of Study 2

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Studio Art: Industry Contexts

Students consider the preparation and presentation of artworks in the Incinerator Gallery exhibition spaces. They will be provided with information regarding staff roles, curatorial processes and methods employed in the display of artworks. Students will learn about how, as a public gallery, exhibition design, education, community engagement and promotional methods are developed and implemented.

This program addresses key knowledge required for VCE Studio Arts Unit 4 Outcome 3 

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Visual Thinking Strategies

Thinking through art: Using art to deepen learning across the curriculum 

Connect your class with the Incinerator Gallery by becoming a Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) partner school. VTS is a research-based method for facilitating conversations about works of art. In discussions and writing activities students develop visual literacy and practice critical thinking skills. VTS supports language acquisition for all students and teaches the tenets of respectful conversation.

The Gallery partners with a school to provide year-long, classroom-based lessons. Partnering classroom teachers also receive training and class-room coaching in the VTS method. Students take two class trips to the Gallery each year.

VTS is most suitable for Years 4 to 9

To enquire about implementing a VTS partnership at your school contact Christine via email or call 03 8325 1740.  

Teacher Programs: Visual Thinking Strategies

Visual Thinking Strategies & Wild City Workshop: 1 Day

9.00am – 4.00pm, Friday 16 November 2018

Facilitated by Arts Education Victoria, this day long program offers a range of professional development workshops including Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), Studio Habits of the Mind and a collaborative workshop with artist Kathy Holowko and her recent Wild City installation and exhibition. 

Program includes lunch and refreshments.

Tickets: $180 Art Education Victoria Members / $220 Non Members

This program does not require specialist art knowledge or skills, and is suitable for educators of all subjects.

Bookings or more information here!

Introduction to Visual Thinking Strategies: 1 Day

9.30am – 3.30pm, Tuesday, 11 December 2018

In this one day program participants will themselves look carefully at selected artworks, talk about what they observe and be encouraged to support their interpretation with visual evidence. Through open-ended inquiry and engagement with visual art, listening to others and hands-on practical experiences participants will gain an understanding of this pedagogy and consideration the benefits for their students and school community.

Program includes lunch and refreshments.

Tickets: $100

This program does not require specialist art knowledge or skills, and is suitable for educators of all subjects.

Bookings or more information here!

Advanced Visual Thinking Strategies: 1 Day

9.30am – 3.30pm, Friday, 14 December 2018

Suitable for teachers who have completed the introductory VTS training and keen to further develop their skills and knowledge of VTS. In this one day program participants are provided with further opportunities for coaching and provided tools to extend their use of VTS. Teachers will complete tasks that assist with image selection and progression. Teachers will utilise tools to assess their students' development and growth over regular VTS lessons.

Program includes lunch and refreshments.

Tickets: $100

This program does not require specialist art knowledge or skills, and is suitable for educators of all subjects. Teachers who have not completed the Beginners or Introductory VTS Workshops should do so before enrolling in this class.

Bookings or more information here!

Visual Thinking Strategies Look Club

11am – 12.30pm, Friday 25 January, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be part of a VTS conversation?

Or do you just want to experience an exploration into an artwork with a group?

Led by an experienced VTS facilitator this introductory session encourages participants to discuss and listen to each other in a conversation about carefully chosen artworks. The teacher facilitates the group discussion rather than leading or providing extra information.

Through this shared experience and debrief participants gain an opportunity for a rich discussion about an artwork as well as first-hand insight into this pedagogy and its possible applications.

This session is recommended for anyone who wants to connect with art in a meaningful way.

Participants do not need to have had any previous VTS exposure or have a teaching role.

Tickets: $10

Bookings or more information here!

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