2014 exhibitions

Main Gallery 

Fireworks: Art and Design by Bright Young Things


14 February - 30 March 2014

Alessia Ferraro, Beth Mazzarealla, Cade Harrison, Dominique Salvatore, Elliott Leon Kuhlmann, Emily Rollis, Isabella Marco Newlan. Joelle Thomas, Joyce Ho, Natalia Wojczys, Nicholas Papagianopoulos, Robert Janes, Tim Penter, Bonnie Lethlean, Celina San Jose, Charlotte Matthews, Chelsea Arnott, Chloe Coelho, Jack Ennis, Joshua Muscat, Rebecca Tipping, Sarah Ristevski, Sophie Oakes, Sophie Spence

Fireworks was established in 2013 for VCE art and design students who live or go to school in Moonee Valley and was a huge success for the gallery and the community. In 2014 we are celebrating another bumper crop of young talent with a professional-level exhibition from our local bright young things.



11 April - 25 May

Rob McRae

Wunderkammer is a collection of taxidermied animals from all over the world that has been arranged in thought provoking and unnatural installations.  The exhibition explores the themes of conservation, hunting culture, biodiversity, stewardship, colonisation and climate change and critiques our relationship with the natural world.

Beyond the Surface


6 June - 27 July 2014

Vicki Couzens Vicki West Bronwyn Razem Glenda Nicholls Arika Waulu, Steven Rhall, Josh Muir Cassie Leatham Harrap. Co-curated by the Incinerator Gallery and Hannah Presley.

Beyond the Surface is an exhibition of recent work by Indigenous artists from South-eastern Australia. The exhibition of contemporary and traditional Indigenous art forms draws on the idea of deep listening, which can be understood as ‘listening from the heart’: a form of meditation or contemplation that is an integral part of Indigenous culture.



8 August - 28 September 2014

Bradley Lay, Aaron Martin, Harmut Veit, John Woods

Transported takes a moment to step back and contemplate the metaphors of transport and journeys in contemporary society. It explores the links and relationships between art and transport, through video, installation and drawing, including ocean adventures on industrial sized container ships through to stories around handmade canoes. It will add new meaning to the modern idea that transport is all about getting from point A to point B in the least amount of time.

The Incinerator Art Award


17 October - 30 November 2014

Clark Beaumont, Matthew Berka, Ali Choudhry, Elyse de Valle, Julia deVille, Julian Di Martino, Jacquelene Drinkall, Beryl Georgakopoulos, Deanne Gilson, Ash Keating, Georgie Mattingley, Nicola McClelland, Ann McGinley, Michael Rigg, Kristin McIver, Annee Miron, Valentina Palonen, Jackson Payne, Michael Prior, Diego Ramirez, Karenneann Rees, Juliet Rowe, Krystal Seigerman, Amy Spiers, Debbie Symons, Jasmine Targett, Caitlin Telford, Hartmut Veit, Mark Thomas Walker, Charlotte Watson, James Watts, Dianna Wells, Paul White, Kent Wilson 

The Incinerator Art Award is the gallery’s annual contemporary art prize, open to all visual art forms, with a total non-acquisitive prize pool of $14,000. The award is inspired by the original architect of the Incinerator Gallery, Walter Burley Griffin and his wife, Marion Mahoney, who believed art and architecture could change our beliefs and the world. Exhibited works incorporate the themes of the environment, society and sustainability. The Incinerator Art Award is the successor to the Artecycle sculpture award inaugurated in 2006.

Leisure & Lifestyle


12 December - 25 January 2015

Gabrielle de Vietri, Todd McMillan, Will French & Lauren Brincat, Marcin Wojcik, Nick Selenitsch, Laresa Kosloff & Andy Thomson. Co-curated by Jessie Bullivant.

Leisure & Lifestyle celebrates the local sporting culture of Moonee Valley through a blurring of lines between art, culture and recreational pursuits. It will showcase work from a range of artists around the themes of various sports and leisure activities. The name of the exhibition is derived from many local governments’ department structures, in which the departments of ‘Arts and Culture’ and ‘Recreation and Leisure’ are coupled together under the same directorate.  

The Atrium

What's your cape?


6 June - 27 July 2014

Rob Ball

What’s your cape? is a series of workshops for gallery visitors where they can participate in the act of cosplay: the act of dressing up in costumes and accessories to represent a specific idea or character, usually from popular culture. Ball will explore different subcultures each week and the costumes, props and portraits of participants will be on display and grow over the duration of the exhibition.

The Perpetual Light Machine


8 August - 28 September 2014

Autonomous Black

Autonomous Black is a Melbourne-based music and visual arts performance duo consisting of noise-punk theorists Paul Irving and Chip Wardale, who create musical performance art in a junkyard-metalshop setting. Their entertaining music and visual artwork, The Perpetual Light Machine, will fill the Atrium with new experiences and sensations for visitors.

Mirror State


12 December - 25 January 2015

Joel Gailer 

Gailer brings his inventive creativity into the Atrium with a surreal object that is beautiful and intriguing but completely unusable. His reworking of a playground slide transforms a functional object into an artwork that somehow preserves a sense of fun and play in its original form.

The Garden

Apostle 2


14 February - 30 March

Lucas Maddock and Isaac Greener

Apostle 2 is a replica of a lost stone tower that was once a part of the iconic 12 Apostles on the Victorian coast near Warrnambool. It is a massive monument in the garden area that brings a sense of geological time to the garden.



11 April - 25 May

James Tapscott 

River is a light installation that uses horizontal bars of light, attached to the trees in the garden area, to show the movement of wind. The lights move and shift when the wind blows through the garden, resembling a flowing river.

The nature of things, is that even the strong will want to fall

8 August - 28 September

Sam Mitchell-Fin

Mitchell-Fin will build an immersive landscape of plastic poles embedded in the ground at varying angles. Each pole will be filled with a strip of LED lights, designed to reflect and refract on and off one another to create an illuminating web of light in the day and night.

Untitled Wall Piece


12 December - 25 January 

Baby Guerrilla 

Baby Guerrilla is known across Melbourne for her liberating and accessible street stencils and drawings. In this new work, the Incinerator’s façade becomes her latest canvas, as she decorates the building and demonstrates one of the new frontiers of public art.

East Keilor and Strathmore Community Bank® Boadle Hall

The Ostentatious Hiding Spot


14 February - 30 March

Claudia Rubinstein

Rubinstein repurposes beautiful silver teapots into ‘hiding spots’ that accommodate car keys, jewellery, unmentionables and more. She says the teapots speak of a time when beauty and ritual were held in high regard.

4 Seasons in 3 Scapes


11 April - 25 May

Painting with Parkinson's 

Painting with Parkinson’s is a support group for people who have been diagnosed with the disease and for their carers. They meet once a week to ‘work out’ their creative sides. Parkinson’s disease causes body tremors which visibly affect the limbs, making the delicate nature of the work on display remarkable. This exhibition is a collection of the group’s painting.

There 2B Drawn


6 June - 27 July

Gwendoline Krumins 

Krumins’ work is inspired by her love of portraiture and storytelling. There 2B Drawn came together after she took photographs of people around Moonee Valley while they worked in their specific fields, resulting in over 30 sketches in media including graphite, ink and coloured pencil.



8 August - 28 September

Zdenka Pavic 

Pavic creates joyful and colourful paintings inspired by memories from a childhood spent in a beautiful winter wonderland. This exhibition includes a selection of her works from the spring and winter. 

Within Reach


12 December - 25 January 2015

Gregory Smith 

Smith’s oil paintings explore many genres including portraiture, still life and landscape. Seeing his oils firsthand allows visitors to appreciate his refinement in craftsmanship and acute visual awareness of his subject matter.

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