Past exhibitions

Main Gallery

Walk with Pride


Charles Meacham (NYC)

30 January - 22 February 

Walk with Pride is a photographic journey of 32 images by NYC photographer, Charles Meacham, documenting the fight for LGBTIQ equality. Meacham travelled to pride events in Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Turkey, UK, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Israel. The images on display are a powerful reminder of how far the LGBTIQ community has to go in order to obtain equality. Part of Midsumma.

Fireworks: Art and Design by Bright Young Things


27 February - 29 March 

Hayden Bond, Nadia Cao, Erin D’Cruz, Francesca Di Mase, Kristen Frewen, Nathan Hoy, Luca L’Eveille, Catherine Le, Isabella Lutri, Liam Martin, Alexandra Mason, Chantelle McDonnell, Lia Micallef, Katerina Mitsinikos, Adam Mulkearns, Andrew Neophytou, Huyen Nguyen, Rebecca Palomares, Nicholas Paloyanidis, Chris Papadopoulus, Andrea Puppa, Page Reiterer, Isabella Serrano, Eric Terlato, Joelle Thomas, Katerina Tsaroumis.

Fireworks is now in its third year and features exceptional works from VCE art and design students who live, work or go to school in Moonee Valley, with $1,400 of prizes awarded in art and design. This exhibition gives many young artists their first opportunity to exhibit in a professional gallery and offers a glimpse of the future of art and design from our bright young things.

Beg Borrow Steal


10 April - 24 May 

Lorraine Austin, Gabrielle Baker, Danielle Freakley, Rob McHaffie, Mina Young. Co-curated by Gabrielle Baker.

This exhibition explores the many different ways in which people are stimulated by other cultures.  The works display a fascination with other cultures and draw on the other worldly experience of travel.

The artists in Beg Borrow Steal express the idea that the ‘tourist gaze’ is no longer a singular voyeuristic act but instead, challenges our way of looking. They explore the impact of what is borrowed and what is shared in the global environment to query visual boundaries and our relationship between personal experience and cultural meanings.

Impart: communicate - inform - tell - convey - report - teach - instruct - divulge - disclose - reveal - expose - pass on...


5 June - 26 July 

Vicki Couzens, Vicki West and Maree Clarke.  Guest curated by Maree Clarke.

This exhibition brings together three artists who collectively have over 150 years of learning and wisdom to impart. Vicki Couzens, a Keerray Wurrong; Vicki West, a Trawlwoolway woman; and Maree Clarke, a Koorie woman from the Murray River, form the basis of this exhibition.  They all come to Boonwurrung country for this exhibition. This exhibition is informed by Country and the knowledge of Elders. It reclaims, interprets and revitalises cultural knowledge and ritual practices, post the invasion of 1770.

Contemporary Glass: Refracting a History


7 August - 27 September 

Kristel Britcher, Georgina Cockshott, Jennifer Ashley King, Jeremy Lepisto, Kristin McFarlane, Nadia Mercuri, Philip Stokes, Blanche Tilden, Bethany Wheeler. Co-curated by Nadia Mercuri.

This exhibitioner discovers the history of glassmaking in Moonee Valley. The chemical company, ICI Australia, operated a research facility in Ascot Vale during the 1950s and 1960s that employed dozens of glass workers. The community had a good knowledge of glass production and specialist skills to handle this ancient substance.

A selection of invited contemporary artists working with glass will recontextualise these technical and industrial practices to reference the origins of glass and its industrial and scientific history.

Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change


9 October - 29 November 

Rushdi Anwar (VIC), Sofi Basseghi (VIC), Katy Bowman (VIC), Jessie Boylan (VIC), Rosina Byrne (VIC), CJ Conway (VIC), Ali Choudry (QLD), Julia deVille (VIC), Julian Di Martino (VIC), Daniel Nicolae Djamo (ROMANIA), Mars Drum (VIC), Jacqueline Felstead (VIC), Sarah Field (VIC), Liss Gabb (VIC), Kailum Graves (QLD), Michael Gromm (VIC), Fiona Hamilton (TAS), Molly Harris (SA), Charlotte Haywood (NSW), Ash Keating (VIC), Eugenia Lim (VIC), Eva Martin (VIC), Ian Milliss (NSW), Kent Morris (VIC), Saffron Newey (VIC), Hannah Nowlan (VIC), Yuria Okamura (VIC), Becc Orszag (VIC), Mike Read (VIC), Dominic Redfern (VIC), Michael Rigg and Ann McGinley (VIC), Meredith Squires (VIC), Jasmine Targett (VIC), Sarah Taylor (VIC), Lara Thoms and Wok the Rock (VIC), Claire Tracey (VIC), James Voller (VIC), Kellie Wells (VIC)

The Incinerator Art Award is the gallery’s contemporary art prize, open to all visual art forms with a non-acquisitive prize pool of $14,000.

The award is inspired by the original architect of the Incinerator Gallery, Walter Burley Griffin and his wife Marion Mahoney.  They believed that art and architecture could change the way we live our lives and how we understand the world around us.

Image: Eugenia Lim, Yellow Peril (video still), 2015, installation with HD video, prints, sculpture, dimensions variable.  

The Summer Show: Celebrate, Participate


11 December - 17 January 

Group exhibition

The Summer Show at the Incinerator Gallery is a celebration of Moonee Valley’s creative community. The gallery spaces will be filled with art created in workshops, classes and art-making events that will take place in the second half of the year. These activities will take works from the City’s art collection and ask residents and visitors of Moonee Valley to respond with their imagination and skill to give us their perspective on Moonee Valley’s public art.



12 December - 25 January 

Joel Gailer

Gailer brings his inventive creativity into the Atrium with a surreal object that is beautiful and intriguing but completely unusable. His reworking of a playground slide transforms a functional object into an artwork that somehow preserves a sense of fun and play in its original form.



30 January - 29 March 

Katy Bowman

Cascade is a monumental work that is concerned with ideas around temporality,perception and sensation. A large clear plastic curtain with hundreds of disposable polythene gloves will fill the Atrium.

Bin Lobby


10 April - 24 May

Emil Toonen

Toonen will transform the Atrium into a lobby of an imagined city waste management facility. He will decorate the space to counter the contemporary commercial conventions of corporate cleanliness and reflect the psychology of consumerism by creating works from waste and found objects. His work turns rubbish into idols of the habitual culture of waste.

Conversations outside the frame


5 June - 26 July 

Catherine Johnstone

This multi-channel video installation has been devised out of an interest in bridging the cultural distance between Muslim women and women from other backgrounds in the artist’s immediate neighbourhood.  It is about cause and effect, cultural identity and the need for transcultural dialogue.



7 August - 27 September

Narinda Cook

Cook encourages play through the act of making and interacting with art, taking inspiration from the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, children’s art and craft materials and a rainbow colour palette. The large colourful forms in this installation have spherical bases and respond to a gentle nudge by rocking back and forth. The audience is invited to interact with the sculptures, which create their own path of movement around the gallery.

Boadle Hall Community Gallery



27 February - 29 March 

Kevin Leong

Correlation explores the relationship between human-made objects and the natural environment that surrounds them through photography. This correlation is something that often goes unnoticed every day, but on closer attention, human-made objects can be seen to be constantly harmonised by their natural counterparts.

Final Encore


10 April - 17 May 

Ben Kypridakis

Kypridakis presents a range of glazed ceramic pots in an exhibition of works from his lifetime of production.  He gets a lot of joy in their creation from the soft touch of the clay through to waiting for the kilns to cool after a firing.

Midwinter GASP


5 June - 12 July 

Glass Addicts Support Program

Marianne Bradman, Sally Brown, Jacquie Campbell, Lucy Cleary, Michelle Guest, Stephen Guest, Karen Haranis, Barb Jorgensen, Carole Kernohan, Debbie Pentland, Monica Provan, Judy Rodsted-Wood, Jan Verouden, Debbie Wennrich and Jennie Williams Culic.

GASP is a social-philanthropic group of like-minded artists who come together on a regular basis to share ideas and techniques.  They work collaboratively to raise funds for charity through the sale of their works. This exhibition will include functional and non-functional creations from approximately 18 kiln, mosaic, leadlight and lamp workers.

Now or Never


7 August - 13 September

Caesar Sario

Sario explores history, storytelling and environmental issues through a series of paintings.  His narrative works have a bold graphic style and tell the story of a green earth being destroyed by successive civilisations. His powerful images suggest that if we live in harmony with nature, then nature will provide all that we need.


 widen, subtract, warm, cool, observe out


30 January - 29 March 

Benjamin Woods

This project turns the garden space into a site for a series of movement improvisations for performers and visitors. The installation will seek to open up and experiment with art as a living culture transmitted through the direct experience of belonging and participation.

Evidence-based Research - Cause and Effect


10 April - 24 May 

Julie Collins and Derek John

This work is an amalgamation oftwo separate art projects that are brought together to create layers of meaning and provoke discussion on environmental issues.This large sculptural installation of bright, red, artificial plants and other elements is eye catching and thought provoking.

Vision Quest: Into Nature


5 June - 26 July 

Jasmine Targett

Vision Quest is a large handmade screen that acts as a billboard, which will be customised to suit the scale of the garden. The image on the billboard is a green landscape view that is ‘interrupted’ by a lens. A handcrafted object for enhancing vision acts to distort the image which is unsettling for the viewer.  The work contemplates the quest for a greater understanding of our environment, both visually and conceptually.



7 August - 27 September

Georgia Harvey

The Gongshi is an asymmetrical rock found in traditional Chinese gardens, selected for its ability to spark poetic and artistic inspiration. This gongshi, constructed from low-fire ceramic, will deteriorate and change over the course of the exhibition. 

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