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Summer Show: Woven Together


Exhibition dates: 8 December 2018 - 13 January 2019

Every year the Incinerator Gallery celebrates creativity in the community with the Summer Show.

This year the Summer Show: Woven Together will celebrate the fruits of textile workshops held throughout the year at Flemington Community Centre and the Incinerator Gallery.

Works include the tapestries of Joy Smith and her students, contemporary textiles by the students of Bats of Leisure and portraiture by up and coming local photographer Amna Hamid of Studioblkk.

This exhibition has been developed in partnership with Moonee Valley’s Community Development team.

The Summer Show is an opportunity to support diversity in Moonee Valley and celebrate creative self- expression.

Image: Work in progress by Rose Ho from weaving workshops with Joy Smith, Flemington Community Centre, 2018.

Midsumma: Personal Touch


Opening night: Friday 25 January, 6-8pm 
Exhibition dates: 22 January – 17 February  
Artist performances: Saturday 2 February, 2pm 

Archie Barry, Bailee-Rose Farnham, Nunzio Madden, Bon Mott, Rowan Oliver, Bobuq Sayed and Tyza Stewart, with text by Nevo Zisin.

Performance: Rowan Oliver (This performance may contain nudity).

Throughout history, self-portraiture has provided a means for artists to critically examine perceptions about themselves and their place in society. In the time of the ubiquitous camera phone, challenging forms of self-representation by artists provide cut through and provoke needed discussion on the problematic binaries associated with gender and identity. 

Personal Touch highlights the work of queer artists who employ the body, theirs and those around them, as conduit for ideas and as subject matter in their work. Featuring a variety of contemporary media, this exhibition aims to express the sensitivity with which artists can address the evolving nature of gender, at a time when the political status quo continuously fails to do so.

Personal Touch is part of Midsumma’s condensed suite of programming entitled BODY, and will include work by Archie Barry, Bailee-Rose Farnham, Nunzio Madden, Bon Mott, Rowan Oliver, Bobuq Sayed and Tyza Stewart.

A creative text introducing the exhibition will be presented by activist and writer Nevo Zisin.

Image: Tyza STEWART, Nap 2017, oil on board, 60 x 185cm.

For more information visit or call 8325 1750. 

Fireworks 2019


Opening night: Friday, 1 March, 6pm–8pm
Exhibition dates: Tuesday, 26 February to Sunday, 24 March 

Shortlisted Artists in 2019:

Olga Alexandrou, Gabriel Atienza, Sarah Barrett, Luke Bushnell, Tristan Chan, Yinglin Chen, Tess Chiera, Michael Chow, Natalie Cierpisz, Alannah Cutajar, Liefke Davey, Wendy Davies, Kathryn Dellaportas, Cori Emmolo, Isabella Iliovski, Elaine Irons, Hannah Johansson, Alexandra Tenuta, Raelee McNab, Tiana Monteleone, Jessica Nguyen, Alicia Papadopoulos, Benjamin Roberts, Moira Rodriguez, Jerval Sassine, Gabrielle Saundry, Olivia Siracusa, Mardi Sutherland, Alexander LoMoro, Jennifer Tran, Minh Tran, Robert Vasil, Nicole Yan

Fireworks is Moonee Valley’s annual art and design exhibition and award for VCE students who live, work, or study in Moonee Valley.

Award winners 2019

The $500 Fireworks Art Award: Olga Alexandrou, Entropy, 2018, oil on cotton, wood, nails (Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School)

“Even in painting, one lives the perennial human anxiety of exorcising death with a visual intensification of the objects and figures of everyday life, that somewhat extends life to the indefinite. You can paint it... to fix the decay... embalm the moment of full or late splendour that just precedes the annihilation.” 
Luciano Anelli

With this quote in mind I have considered the fear of losing loved ones. A dread which concerns us all. This painting has been created to celebrate someone close to me. Not only providing an opportunity to improve my skills, but also proving my capacity to release something important to me by then destroying it.

The $500 Fireworks Design Award: Jennifer Tran, Incarnate, 2018, digital animation, digital print, foamboard (Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School)

My client Incarnate is an indie brand, known for their high quality makeup and fragrance products. They requested a design for a perfume bottle that reflects the dark oriental-floral scent of their new fragrance. My final design is visually captivating and will appeal to their target demographic of women aged 18 to 28 years with mid to higher socio-economic levels.

The $200 Mayoral Award for Excellence in Art: Elaine Irons, Caricouture, 2018, lace, beads, satin, faux fur on silk dupion (St Columba's College Essendon)

This garment explores the idea that contemporary high fashion has become a caricature of style. The coat represents the expressive and attention grabbing qualities created through the exaggerated embellishments and features designers use to be noticed and succeed in the contemporary world of fashion.

The $200 Mayoral Award for Excellence in Design: Alexander LoMoro, Charles, 2018, wood, foam core, paper, stainless steel, acrylic paint, LCD display, ABS plastic (Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School)

The idea behind this product 'Charles' was to capitalise on the benefits of keyless entry while simplifying the process of logging attendance of staff and students in the school. This design accompanied the working software for the product. I created an enclosure that would not only be functional but be stylish to appeal to potential buyers who may purchase the system on their building.

A final award will be awarded to one recipient, voted by the public:

  • The People’s Choice Award $200 art supplies voucher




Exhibition dates: 8 December 2018 - 13 January 2019

Gretta Louw

SWARM is a poetic envisioning of the intermingling of the digital and the physical by Munich-based Australian artist Gretta Louw.

The work is informed by research into the recent spread and evolution of Medusozoa (jellyfish) in contaminated oceans. Darkly optimistic about unexpectedly thriving lifeforms, the work looks at the issue of digitalisation through the lens of non-human subjectivity.

Image: SWARM, Gretta Louw, digital image, dimensions variable, 2018




Opening night: Friday 25 January, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: 22 January – 17 February

Farnaz Dadfar

Farnaz Dadfar’s practice addresses issues of culture and language. She investigates the idea of linguistic diaspora through the examination of fragmented text and sound.

Employing Farsi poetry and archival Australian art journals, Dadfar investigates concerns relating to displacement and migration.

Image: Farnaz Dadfar, BAQĀ WA FANĀ (handwriting Rumi’s poetry on VCA gallery floor), 2018, acrylic, 150 x 150cm.

For more information visit or call 8325 1750.

I feel the earth move under my feet


Carly Fischer

Opening night: Friday, 1 March, 6pm–8pm
Exhibition dates: Tuesday, 26 February to Sunday, 24 March 

Carly Fischer’s work responds to research undertaken at The Living Museum of the West. Through sampling oral archives, sounds and objects collected on site. The installation reconstructs an alternate audio and sculptural narrative of Melbourne’s West.

Image: Carly Fisher, I feel the earth move under my feet, 2018 (detail), pine, MDF, adhesives, basalt rocks, besser blocks, acrylic paint.


Boadle Hall Community Gallery


Moonee Valley Art Collection

Opening night: Friday 25 January, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: 8 December 2018 - 13 January 2019

Geoff Hogg

This summer, Boadle Hall will host a series of painted mural works from the Moonee Valley Art Collection by celebrated public artist Geoff Hogg.

Rocking Reflections


Opening night: Friday 25 January, 6-8pm
Exhibition dates: Tuesday, 22 January to Sunday, 17 February 2019

Paula Mahoney

Paula Mahoney’s portraits of heavy metal, rock and punk fans and musicians are created in the early morning in her makeshift studio, metres from the stage.

As performers scream and rage, each individual considers their own death, connected by a common affinity with the music.

Image: Paula Mahoney, United we stand No.6, 2017, Giclee Print, 145 x 60cm.

For more information visit or call 8325 1750.

Smashed Tack


Justin Garnsworthy

Opening night: Friday, 1 March, 6pm–8pm
Exhibition dates: Tuesday, 26 February to Sunday, 24 March

Justin Garnsworthy’s art practice uses technology to decompose then recompose imagery of mundane materials, in a process akin to alchemical transformation. In this exhibition he has used digital frottage to create large format compositions of compressed Blu-Tack.

Image: Justin Garnsworthy, Smashed Tack I, II & III, 2018, digital print on aluminium, 240 x 240cm (each)

Clocktower Cafe


Ray Wilson

22 January – 12 March

Ray Wilson creates Modern, tonal, Impressionist works that depict images that are painted direct from life. A number of these works depict gardens in metropolitan Melbourne and Moonee Valley. Ray is a painter of light and strives to keep it simple and painterly. He paints all genres - still life, portraiture and land/sea scapes.

Image: Ray Wilson

Crown Street Stables and Beyond


Mia Schoen

22 January – 12 March

SKIES, exhibited at Ascot Vale Library, are constructed scenes predominantly of her studio view from her home in Jacana, looking out across the meadow valley and Moonee Ponds Creek towards Essendon and beyond. The studio works expand a single real moment of sky and weather to invoke a sense of ‘weights’ and ominous beauty.

EN PLEIN AIR, exhibited at Crown Street Stables, presents paintings executed in the field. An overview of Schoen’s travels from the volcanic plains of Arizona, and the beaches of South Western Australia, to the National Park of Tullarook in Victoria. These paintings are a depiction of landscape as experiences in an immediate way whilst immersed in the environment.

Image: Mia Schoen, Incoming, 2018, oil and thread on canvas, 90x90cm


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