Fairbairn Park works

Carpark improvements

We will be making carpark improvements at the northern end of Woods Street in 2019, with further carpark upgrades along Woods Street to follow.

Temporary fencing

Fencing will be erected during the works at Fairbairn Park for safety reasons and will be removed as soon as works are completed. The below table outlines the works and areas that will be fenced.

(refer to map)
Works being completed Date range of fences
Location A
Construction of Riverside netball and tennis courts
Early November 2018 until end of April 2019
Location B *
Ground works including upgrading the irrigation system
Early January 2019 until mid-March 2019
Location C *
Ground works including upgrading the irrigation system
Mid-March 2019 until end-April 2019

*Access will be provided for sport competition on weekends only.


Last updated: Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 11:11 PM