The following parks across Moonee Valley provide play equipment for children.

We have developed a Playspace Plan to guide the upgrade, replacement and installation of public playspaces. This plan falls under our Leisure Strategy and Open Space Strategy.

To find out more about our playgrounds, contact our Leisure and Open Space team on 9243 8888

To report broken or vandalised play equipment, make a request for service online or contact us on 9243 888.


Park  Address  Melway ref 
Aberfeldie Park (1) Bruce Street  28, D6 
Aberfeldie Park (2) Park Crescent  28, D5 
Clifton Park Batman Street  28, B4 
Clifton Park West Afton Street  28, A4 
Riverside Park The Boulevard  28, B7 

Airport West

Park  Address  Melway ref
AJ Davis Reserve Roberts Road 15, G8
Bowes Avenue Reserve Bowes Avenue 15, K9
Hansen Reserve (North) Etzel Street 15, H7
Hansen Reserve (South) Etzel Street 15, H7
Harrington Reserve Harrington Road 15, G7
McNamara Reserve Clydesdale/McNamara Avenue 15, J9
Weather Station Park Bowes Avenue 15, K9

Ascot Vale

Park  Address   Melway ref
Fairbairn Park (1) Woods Street  28, D9 
Fairbairn Park (2) Woods Street  28, C9 
HW Cousins Reserve Charles Street  28, E11 
Roseberry Reserve Rosberry Street  28, F9 
Rothwell Park Rothwell Street 28, H9 
Thomas Edmunds Reserve Holdsworth Street  28, F9 
Victory Park Corner Epsom and Langs Road  28, F11 
Walter Street Reserve Walter Street  28, E10 

Avondale Heights

Park  Address  Melway ref
Avondale Heights Reserve  Doyle Street  27, D6 
Canning Street Reserve Canning Street  27, G8 
Deutscher Street Reserve Deutscher Street  27, C4 
Landau Place Reserve Landau Place  27, F5 
Larwood Close Reserve Larwood Close  27, G8 
Monte Carlo Reserve Monte Carlo Drive  27, F4 
Norma Court Reserve Norma Court  27, F8 
The Crossway South Reserve The Crossway South  27, D4 
Riviera Reserve Corner Browning Cres and San Remo Drive  27, G4 
Rhonda Street Reserve Towe Street  27, D8 
Thompson Reserve Thompson Street  27, C5 


Park  Address Melway ref
Bradshaw Street Reserve Forrester Street  28, B3 
Buckley Park Cooper Street  28, C1 
Carlyle Reserve Carlyle Street  28, G5 
Clarinda Park Clarinda Street  28, E5 
Cliff Allison Reserve Sturt Street  28, G2 
Coleman Mews Wheeler Place  28, J4 
Five Mile Creek Reserve Government Road  28, J2 
LT Thompson Reserve Keilor Road  28, E1 
Montgomery Park (North) Hilda Street  28, K4 
Montgomery Park (South West) Tennyson Street  28, K4 

Essendon North

Park  Address Melway ref
Kerferd Street Reserve Kerferd Street 16, C11
Lincoln Park Richardson Street  28, F2 
Woodlands Park Winifred Street  28, F1 
Vin Jervis Reserve Royal Avenue  16, D11 

Essendon West

Park  Address Melway ref
Bourke Street Reserve Bourke Street  27, K4 
LA Moon Reserve Smiley Crescent  28, A5 
Neil Heinz Reserve Emerald Street  28, A3 


Park  Address Melway ref
Canterbury Street Reserve Canterbury Street  28, J11 
Debneys Park High Street  29, A12 
Debneys Park (South) Mount Alexander Road  29, A12 
Farnham Street Park Farnham Street  28, K11 
Albert Wallis Reserve Corner Middle and West Street  28, J10 
Coronet Park  Coronet Street  28, J12 
Newmarket Playground Racecourse Road  42, K1 

East Keilor

Park  Address Melway ref
Arcade Way Reserve Arcade Way  27, C2 
Ashkanasy Reserve Rachelle Road  27, G1 
Benaud Close Reserve Benaud Crescent  15, E11 
Border Drive Reserve Border Drive  15, D11
CE Saunders Reserve Brees Road  27, H1 
FJ Davis Reserve Centreway  15, F10 
Hasset Crescent Reserve Hasset Crescent  15, D11 
Heatherlea Crescent Reserve Heatherlea Crescent  27, C2 
JH Allan Reserve Park Drive  27, D2 
Judith Street Reserve Judith Street  27, H2 
Monyangul Drive Reserve Moyangul Drive  15, D10 
Overland Reserve Parkside Avenue  27, D1 
Pamela Avenue Reserve Pamela Avenue  27, H1 
Pennington Street Reserve Pennington Street  27, F1 
Rosehill Park Rosehill/Rachelle Roads  27, G2 
Spring Gully Reserve Keilor Road  15, G9 
Sterling Drive Reserve Sterling Drive  27, B1 

Moonee Ponds

Park  Address  Melway ref 
Argyle Street Reserve Argyle Street 28, E7 
Derby Reserve Derby Street  28, F6 
Fanny Street Reserve and Fanny Street Reserve BMX Fanny Street  29, A5 
Maribyrnong Park The Boulevard  28, D8 
Ormond Park Pattison Street  29, A8 
Queens Park (1) Mount Alexander Road  28, E5 
Queens Park (2) Pascoe Vale Road  28, J5 
Turner Reserve Turner Street  29, B6 


Park  Address  Melway ref 
JA Moushall Reserve Hoffmans Road  28, A1 
Kelvin Close Reserve Kelvin Close  27, J1 
PA Kirchner Reserve Newman Crescent  15, J11 


Park  Address Melway ref
Alf Pearce Reserve First Avenue  16, E10 
KT Smith Reserve Mascoma Street  16, F8 
Lebanon Reserve Mascoma Street  16, H8 
Max Johnston Reserve Loeman Street  16, H10 
Melissa Reserve Melissa Street  16, G9 
Napier Park Noble Street  16, G12 
Streldon Avenue Reserve Streldon Avenue  16, F7 
Talbot Road Reserve Talbot Road  28, K1 

Strathmore Heights

Park  Address Melway ref
Boeing Reserve (1) Boeing Road  16, C5 
Glenscott Reserve Glenscott Street  16, B4 


Park  Address Melway ref
Arthur Caldwell Park Cashmere Street  29, A10 
Fenton Street Reserve Fenton Street  29, A9 
Travancore Park Mooltan Street 29, A11 

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