Wildlife friendly gardens

We encourage you to plant native vegetation in preference to introduced species. Gardens with plants indigenous to Moonee Valley provide many benefits to residents and our environment:

  • Adapted to our soils and climate so will grow well without much attention
  • Used to our rainfall trends and can usually tolerate dry conditions
  • Provide habitat for native animals such as birds, mammals, lizards, insects and frogs
  • Create connection to habitat in surrounding areas
  • Low maintenance once established, only requiring a bit of pruning and weeding 

Read more in our wildlife-friendly gardening guide (pdf, 5.6MB)

Sick or injured wildlife

How you can help:

  • Report sick or injured wildlife to a wildlife rescue organisation
  • Donate old towels, pillowslips, knitted pouches to wildlife organisations
  • Becoming a wildlife carer
  • Do not feed wildlife

Feeding wildlife is not recommended as it creates an imbalance in their diet, which may have negative health impacts. If animals become reliant on humans for food, they may starve if the feeding stops. If there is wildlife on your property, you can be assured there is plenty of food available.
Wildlife Victoria is a volunteer wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation that runs a 24-hour emergency hotline for people to report injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.

More information on Wildlife Victoria can be found on the Wildlife Victoria website.

Last updated: Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 1:08 AM