Moonee Valley schools making a difference

Celebrating the green achievements of local schools.

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Moonee Ponds Primary School

Moonee Ponds Primary School are leading the way embedding sustainability into their school thanks to the amazing work of their Green Team. The school are now a 2 star ResourceSmart School and have completed both the core and waste modules.

The Green Team includes a compost, nude food, water and marketing captain.

Over recent years the Green Team and school community have been involved in many environmental projects including:

  • conducting a waste audit and preparing a waste reduction action plan
  • introducing chickens to the school
  • promoting water saving and collecting waste water from school taps for use on the garden
  • maintaining a compost system and introducing classroom compost buckets
  • managing the nude food program and awarding prizes
  • promoting the work of the green team at school assembly and via the notice board
  • participating in the Coastal Ambassadors Program

“The Green Team has had an extremely positive impact on our school. The actions of the team have challenged students and staff to believe we can all have a positive impact on the environment through recycling and waste management. Overall our students have a greater understanding of the environment and how we can have a positive impact to ensure others can utilise it as well.” - Matt Bott, Principal

Mount Alexander College


Mount Alexander College (MAC) in Flemington has embarked on some exciting projects over the past two years. Principal Wayne Haworth was committed to ensuring that upgrades showcase the schools commitment to sustainability and innovation, complimenting MAC’s forward thinking approach to Education.

The first of many big changes was a school-wide lighting retrofit which saw old halogen globes replaced with energy efficient LED lights, as well as a skylights installed in the roof. The school now has better quality light more appropriate for student’s concentration and at the same time has cut its energy usage by 60%.

In 2016 a Student Leadership group took the initiative of designing an outdoor classroom garden space in a concreted back corner of the school. With help from professional horticulturalist parent at the school their design was constructed and the space is now enjoyed by students at recess and as a learning space.

This year, two teachers led a project to transform another unused corner space into a productive garden with a veggie patch and chicken coop. The school won a gardening grant from Landcare Australia as well as donations for construction materials and plants from Bunnings in Maribrynong. Students helped to construct the veggie boxes and plant veggies. They will also manage feeding the chickens and the worm farm.

This year was also exciting as the school won a Moonee Valley Biannual Community Grant for the construction of a Nature Playground. The project has been designed with ideas from students and the wider community as a relaxing garden and play area made from natural elements such as tree logs and rocks. It will be a perfect space for secondary school aged students and as an adventure space for younger children in the surrounding community.

Strathmore Primary School


Strathmore Primary School are making a difference to their environment led by a clear sustainability vision. The school has completed their ResourceSmart core module and is currently focussing on waste reduction and management.

Here's what the students and teachers at Strathmore Primary School have been doing to improve their environment:

  • Running a nude food program to reduce lunch packaging waste
  • Recycling their e-waste
  • Utilising online communications tools to reduce paper use
  • Classroom recycling
  • Tracking electricity, gas and water use
  • Running an active student green team with representatives from each class
  • Participating in community events such as Clean Up Australia Day
  • Active member of the School Environment Network 
  • Conducting a waste audit to better understand where their waste is coming from.

Keep up the good work!

Essendon North Primary School


Essendon North Primary School is working with student leaders to improve their resource management and embed a sustainability culture into their school thanks to a passionate and committed group of Year Two Junior School Council representatives working to lead the Wipe our Waste project. The school is working to become a ResourceSmart School completing the waste module in 2018.

The Wipe Out Waste project includes a developing a compost system, nude food, and three bin recycling system school wide.

In 2018 the Wipe out Waste team will work with the school community to develop these key initiatives:

  • conducting a waste audit and preparing a waste reduction action plan
  • conducting a disposable coffee cup audit and promoting the use of reusable cups with staff and the local community
  • avoiding and reducing paper use with photocopier free weeks and reusing single sided paper before recycling
  • introducing compost bins into the school
  • promoting Nude Food lunches with each Friday awarding a class with a ‘Golden Bin’ award
  • promoting the work of the Wipe out Waste Team at school assembly and via the school newsletter

Avondale Primary School 

Avondale Primary school is on a mission to make their school a better place by wiping out waste!

After participating in our Wipe out Waste program in 2018, the school has significantly reduced their waste to landfill and the amount of litter in the schoolyard. A second rubbish audit conducted after a whole school ‘emu bob’ proudly found that the school had reduced their litter by two thirds.

Much of this is due to the student’s commitment to nude food lunches, reducing the amount of litter ending up in the yard each day and making educated decisions about what can be recycled.


To complement these actions, the school recently held a reusable art show. Students created inventive installations from materials that have already served their original purpose. The show included beautifully coloured butterflies, lava lamps, dream catchers, picture frames, self-watering pot plants and educational displays about waterway health and waste. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their work and sustainability messages to the whole school community.

The school also runs a garden club, which meets each week, to care for the school vegetable patch. The students work with teachers and parents in preparing, maintaining and harvesting crops from the garden.

Keep up the good work Avondale Primary School!


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