Programs for schools

Schools Environment Network 

The Schools Environment Network (SEN) is a group that connects local teachers, principals and parents to share resources and strategies for environment programs in schools.

The core of the SEN is a meeting once a term. Meetings are held outside of school hours and are open to parents, students and school staff.

There are many environment initiatives available to schools and the SEN aims to help schools to identify and implement the best programs for their school. SEN is also a great way to get to know the Moonee Valley environment officers and the great resources that we have on offer.

Our next SEN activity:

Guided tour of the Afton Street Wetlands

This beautiful wetland is an opportunity to teach students about:

  • local flora and fauna
  • water quality
  • ecosystems
  • water reuse and harvesting

Join us for a guided tour of the wetlands and learn how you can explore this environment with your students.

When: Thursday, 6 September 2018, 4pm-5pm

Where: Afton Street Wetlands, Aberfeldie. (meet at carpark)

RSVP via email

For more information contact the Environment team on 9243 8888 or email

Wipe Out Waste - FREE program


We're offering Moonee Valley schools a chance to wipe out waste once and for all.


Participating schools will receive:

  • Litter and waste audits to learn more about where your school waste is coming from
  • School waste incursions to be delivered by CERES Environment Park
  • Professional development opportunity for teachers and staff
  • Expert individual assistance to develop a waste action plan for your school
  • $1,000 grant to support the delivery of your waste action plan
  • Invitation to the graduation ceremony to celebrate and share your schools success

This is a free program open to all primary and secondary schools in  Moonee Valley and places are limited.


Applications are now open for the 2019 program. 


Call the Environment team on 9243 8888 or email us at for an application form.


Applications are due 5pm Friday 21 December 2018.

Climate change in-school workshops - FREE program

Register your secondary school for an in-school climate change workshop with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). 

The workshops are designed for secondary schools to spark students’ interest in climate justice and solutions. Students will learn about ways of taking action on climate change, such as the importance of building groups and how to engage decision makers to create change on a local, global and national level. They will then be linked to to run their own campaigns. 

The workshop and presentations will cover the Australian Curriculum’s Cross Curriculum Priority Sustainability and its organising ideas of systems (OI.3) world views (OI.4) and futures (OI.6, OI.7, OI.8, OI.9)

A typical 45-75 minute in-school climate justice workshop consists of:

  • A brief overview of climate science and solutions
  • An overview of AYCC and their theory of change (with young people at the heart)
  • An overview of climate justice
  • An overview of how young people can lead climate action in their schools

The workshop can be delivered to a class over a period (or double), in a smaller setting with an environment team, or as a 20-30 minute presentation.

A typical 20-30 minute in-school climate justice presentation consists of:

  • A brief overview of AYCC and their schools program
  • A brief overview of climate science and solutions
  • An overview of climate justice
  • An overview of what young people can do to take action on climate justice

The presentation can be delivered to whole year level or whole school assembly.

To register your interest email

Junior Rangers

The Junior Rangers program is a fun way for kids to interact with local flora and fauna in parks across Moonee Valley.

Walking School Bus

Walking or riding to school is a great way for kids to get daily exercise, improving their overall health and fitness! Find out more about the Walking School Bus.

Explore the Grasslands

Native grasslands once covered the volcanic plains of Western Victoria. Unfortunately urbanisation has caused much of this native vegetation to be lost, with less than one per cent of native grasslands remaining today.

Moonee Valley is fortunate to have small pockets of original native grassland surviving within the municipality. Visit one of our three grasslands to explore, or build your own native grassland. 

Download the Native Grassland Reserves flyer (pdf, 5.22MB) to learn more about where to find Moonee Valley's native grassland parks and what you might discover in these areas. 

Afton Street Wetland Tour

Wetlands protect waterways by filtering pollutants through a series of shallow ponds with aquatic plants.

Read the Wetlands flyer for more details or take your students on a self guided walk around the Afton Street Conservation Park wetland.

Napier Park Tour

Napier Park is a unique habitat which includes she-oak, various eucalypts and wattles sharing the canopy with impressive remnant 250 year old river red gums. The park provides important habitat for many birds, bats and insects. Napier Park is also a great example of innovative stormwater management practices that have re-established a relatively natural water cycle through the park.

Take your students on a self guided tour of Napier Park.

Adopt a street tree

By adopting a street tree your school can help keep Moonee Valley green while also helping to reduce our water consumption across the city.

Schools that adopt a tree are asked to water it whenever they have a drop to spare. Street trees don’t require much tap water. In fact, a bucket of reclaimed water will help maintain these trees and keep our streets green.

Parents of adopted trees will get:

  • adoption certificates
  • a bucket
  • a litre of environmentally-friendly laundry liquid

Send us an email to adopt a street tree. Include your name, address, phone number and the location of your adopted street tree.

You can also register your interest by calling Citizen Services on 9243 8888. 

Energy$mart Schools - Solar and LED lighting for schools

Future-proof your school from rising energy costs by going solar and upgrading your lights through Council’s Energy$mart program. The program offers:

  • free lighting and solar assessments by experienced and reputable providers
  • no obligation quotations for quality products and installation
  • a great return on investment through a solar system, with typical payback periods of between five and 10 years
  • reduced energy costs by up to 80 per cent and dramatically reduced maintenance costs through long lasting LED lights

We have appointed reputable and experienced solar and lighting practitioners to carry out solar energy installations and efficient lighting retrofits for businesses, schools and community organisations across the municipality.

Contact our lighting and solar providers directly:

For more information call us on 9243 8888.

ResourceSmart Schools

Join the growing number of Moonee Valley schools embedding sustainability into their grounds and curriculum through the Victorian Government's ResourceSmart Schools Program.

Visit the ResourceSmart Schools website for more information.

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