Kindergarten FAQs

Here you’ll find links or answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Kindergarten Central Registration Service.

What is the Central Registration Service?

Moonee Valley City Council manages a system that allows families to submit one registration and nominate a number of kindergartens, rather than applying to each individual kindergarten.

Where are the kindergartens situated in Moonee Valley? What days and hours do they run?

See a list of participating kindergartens along with program hours and days.

Four year old kindergartens operate for 15 hours per week over two to three sessions. Three year old programs can run for four to ten hours per week.

How old does my child need to be to apply?

  • Four year old kindergarten is available to children who turn four before the 30 April in the year prior to school.
  • Three year old kindergarten is available to children who turn three before 30 April in the year they will attend. Children whose birth date is between 1 January and 30 April are eligible to start in a program once they have turned three years of age. If your child is allocated a place but is not yet three years old, fees are still payable for the whole program in order to keep your child’s place at the service. 

Can I still apply for 2019 sessional kindergarten?

Applications for 2019 are still being accepted. Visit the kindergarten registration page for information on how to apply.

When do I need to apply by for kindergarten in 2020?

2020 kindergarten applications for four year old programs will be accepted from Friday, 1 March 2019 until Friday, 31 May 2019.

Applications received during this period will be considered with the initial offers advised to families by 31 July 2019. Applications received after 31 May 2019 will be considered after initial offers are processed.

2020 kindergarten applications for three year old programs will be accepted from Monday 1 June 2019 until Friday 31 July 2019. Registrations received during this period will be considered with the initial offers advised to families by the end of October. Applications received after 31 July 2019 will be considered after initial offers are processed.

How do I apply for kindergarten in 2 2020?

Visit the kindergarten registration page for information on how to register.

How can I choose a kindergarten program? 

Prior to completing your application we encourage families to visit Moonee Valley kindergartens participating in the Central Registration Service to decide which program will best meet you and your child’s needs.

Kindergartens across Moonee Valley will be hosting open nights in March for four year old 2020 applications. Visit the kindergarten registration page for information on open nights. Open nights for three year old 2020 kindergarten will be held in the first weeks of June. Details will be available in May.

When completing your application:

  • Nominate up to six (1 to 6) preferences with 1 being the highest preference.
  • Nominate only those kindergartens you will accept a place at if offered.
  • Attach relevant documentation.

How will my application be processed?

All kindergartens participating in the Central Registration Service have one approved set of criteria used to prioritise registrations and allocate places.

All registrations are assessed against a Priority of Access criteria which is outlined in the  2020 Central Registration Service Handbook - 4 year old kinder (pdf, 2MB) . One or more criteria may apply to each application. Provide supporting documents to verify eligibility for priority of access indicated on the registration.

What if my application form is incomplete?

All incomplete or incorrect registrations will be followed up by email, SMS or letter. Applications are only processed once all information including supporting documentation, payment and preferences are provided. If applications are incomplete this will delay processing and will not be included in allocations until the application is complete.

Changing preferences, updating information or cancelling an application?

It is the responsibility of families to notify Moonee Valley City Council in writing of any changes to personal details including change of contact details or preferred kindergartens. To cancel or change preferences please email: or log into the parent portal.

What if I don’t receive my first preference?

Currently Moonee Valley is experiencing a high demand for sessional kindergarten, especially long day kindergarten sessions. This may mean some children that apply will not receive an offer for a sessional kindergarten place through the Central registration Service.

We continue to advocate to the state government on providing increased funding to councils to support the development of new sites. We also continue to explore opportunities to operate from future Council developments.

In instances where there are more applications than the number of places available, remaining places will be allocated in line with the Priority of Access guidelines. In the event that multiple families fall within the same level of priority, the system will randomly allocate a place to avoid any bias. This is the fairest and most consistent process we can apply to ensure all families are treated equally.

Families can choose to ‘accept and wait’ for a higher preference or to ‘decline an offer ‘and remain on the waiting list. If you choose to ‘accept and wait’, your status will be listed as ‘Placed and Waiting’ in the central registration service. This means that every time an allocation is run, the service will search for a vacancy in your higher preference/s. If a vacancy is available you will be placed at the higher preference. Whilst vacancies may become available, it is not possible to provide any assurance to families that they will gain a place at their preferred kindergarten.

The ‘accept and wait’ provision will cease after the third round. At this time, families will be required to accept the lower preference that they have received and be removed from the waiting list for higher preferences, or decline the place and remain on a waiting list for a higher preference. Families who choose to remain on the waiting list must note that this means that their child will not have a kindergarten place until one becomes available at their higher preference. This is to ensure equity of kindergarten places, in addition to ensuring that Kindergarten educators can prepare for each child’s transition into kindergarten.

What if I am not offered a place in the initial round?

Every effort will be made to place your child at the kindergarten of your choice. When the allocation process commences, if your first preference is full, the system then considers your second and third choices (if you have selected more than one).

What if I haven't applied by the registration period for 3 or 4 year old 2020 kindergarten registration?

We will continue to accept applications after the initial registration periods. These applications are processed after the initial round of offers is complete later in the year.

What if I am considering a second year of kindergarten?

Families who are undecided may have questions about the best time for their child to commence school and hence kindergarten. Parents are encouraged to discuss this decision with an early childhood teacher, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Prep teacher or other professionals involved in supporting the learning and development of their child.

Families with children born between 1 January and 30 April need to make an informed choice about which year they would like their child to commence school and therefore which year their child will attend a kindergarten program. All children learn and develop in different ways.

For further information please discuss with your child’s early childhood teacher.

Applications for a second year of funded kindergarten must be received by Friday, 28 June 2019 to be included in the first round of offers.

What if my child is of school age when attending kindergarten?

Parents/guardians planning to register and enrol their child in a kindergarten program must obtain an exemption from attending school if their child will turn six years of age (compulsory school age) before or while attending their first or second year of funded kindergarten.

Parents/guardians are responsible for seeking this exemption by applying to the Department of Education and Training using an Exemption from school due to attendance in a kindergarten program form. Further information is available on the DET website.

What is not incorporated in Council's Priority of Access and Central Registration System?

Council's Priority of Access and Central Registration System does not incorporate:

  • How long you have been a resident or ratepayer- while Council acknowledges and recognises the important contribution you make to the community as long standing ratepayers or residents, our Priority of Access does not recognise the length of time you have been a resident or ratepayer
  • How many properties you own- while Council appreciates and acknowledges some parents may be ratepayers on multiple properties, our Priority of Access recognises whether an applications meets the ratepayer or residential priority, not the number of properties
  • If a child has attended a three year old kindergarten program- there is no Priority of Access weighting  given to an application if a child has attended three year old kindergarten. This is due to three year old kindergarten not attracting government funding. It is currently an exclusive user pays system. From a social justice perspective, it would be inequitable to provide priority of access based on a three year old participation as some parents may not be able to afford three year old kindergarten, and as such may be unfairly disadvantaged.
  • The date an application is received- the date the application is received does not affect the Priority of Access or the chance of receiving an offer if received in the initial registration period.
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