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Volcano Dreaming and Pobblebonk Exhibitions

Schools and community groups are invited to borrow these large portable exhibitions which provide a visual history of the stunning Victorian volcanic plains and the Maribyrnong River Estuary. They are fantastic tools to explore the impacts of human intervention in our local environment.

Both exhibitions can be easily and temporarily installed in classrooms, libraries, community halls and meeting rooms and be used by a large variety of people and groups.

Find out more about these beautiful exhibitions.

Green Book Box

Schools and childcare centres within Moonee Valley wishing to conduct environmental and sustainability themed classes may borrow a box of over environmental themed fiction and non-fiction books through the Environmental Sustainability team.

Books range from early childhood to junior secondary age groups. The service involves hiring the entire box of books which will need to be picked up from our Civic Centre.

To reserve the box or for more information email

Magnetic Recycling Boards and Sticker Books

This interactive activity allows children to learn about recycling in Moonee Valley. The education program has two components suitable for early years and Prep - 2 :

Magnetic Board Activity: these large magnetic boards can be used as part of a whole classroom activity where children place the item in the correct bins. Great to use in competitions to see who can sort the items quickest.

Sticker Books: Stick waste items into the correct bins, this can be done as an individual activity in the classroom or at home with parents.

Schools can borrow the boards from us - email or call 9243 1018.

Home/School Environment Kit

Find out how your school is performing. The Environment Kit contains equipment and instructions to help students find ways of saving energy and water around your buildings.

To book the kit, call 8325 1900 or place a request via the library catalogue.

Great Grassland Education Cards

Suitable for ages 3+, the set of 52 cards provide simple and interactive information on the animals, plants and insects of Victoria's grassland ecosystems. To borrow a set, contact the Environment Team at

Recycling services for schools

Schools may be eligible for up to 15 yellow-lidded 240 litre (depending on school numbers) bins collected fortnightly .

If you would like to know more and ask about your eligibility email

Plastic Free Living Display Kit

Schools are able to borrow a box of plastic free living items for display and education and school events. The kit includes;

  • Various info graphics and posters for display
  • Plastic free items such as bamboo toothbrushes, keep cups, beeswax wraps, produce bags, stainless-steel straws and bio cutlery
  • Plastic free decorations

Email to book the kit.

Streets to Creeks activity for students

When it rains, the water that runs off roads, driveways and roofs is known as 'stormwater'.

Litter and pollution from the street is then carried by this stormwater along gutters and drains, to local creeks and rivers, and into the bay. This has a terrible impact on the health of our waterways and ecology.

Below is a fun classroom activity you can do with students to educate about the importance of protecting our waterways from pollution.

Streets to Creeks School Activity

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