Green Book Box

Schools and childcare centres within Moonee Valley wishing to conduct environmental and sustainability themed classes may borrow a box of over environmental themed picture books through the Environmental Sustainability team.

Books range from early childhood to junior secondary age groups and are listed below in alphabetical order by title. The service involves hiring the entire box of books which will need to be picked up from Council's Civic Centre.

To reserve the box or for more information email

Age level guide

  • K: Suitable for Kindergarten and Early Learning
  • JP: Suitable for Junior Primary
  • SP: Suitable for Senior Primary
  • JS: Suitable for Junior Secondary

List of Books

Care for Our World. Robins, K.
K, JP. Rhyming, ecology, biodiversity.

A Child's Introduction to The Environment. Driscoll, D. & Driscoll, M.
SP, JS. Ecology, geography, urban life, rural life, agriculture, sustainable living, environmental resources, air, water, climate, weather.

City Green. DiSalvo-Ryan, D.
SP, JS. Storybook, community gardens, urban environment.

Compost Stew: An A–Z Recipe for the Earth. Siddals, M.
K, JP, SP. Alphabet, Rhyming, Compost, Gardening.

The Dumpster Diver. Wong, JS.
SP, JS. Storybook, Trash-to-Treasure, Recycling.

The Earth Book. Parr, T.
K, JP, SP. Urban sustainable living.

Eco Warriors to the Rescue. McCarthy, T.
SP, JS. Australian native flora and fauna.

Heroes of the Environment: True stories of people who are helping to protect the planet. Rohmer, H.
SP, JS. Factual stories, community gardens, water pollution, solar, waste, eco-innovation, wetlands, alpine environments, river environments, coastal environments.

Human Footprint. Kirk, E.
SP, JS. Calculating environmental footprint, waste.

Leaf Litter. Tonkin, R.
SP, JS. Australian native environment, ecosystem.

Little Seeds. Ghigna, C.
K, JP. Rhyming, gardening.

The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge. Cole, J. & Degan, B.
SP, JS. Climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency.

Michael Recycle. Bethel, E.
JP, SP. Rhyming, waste and recycling.

Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green. Spinelli, E.
JP, SP. Sustainable living.

One Less Fish. Toft, KM. & Sheather, A.
K, JP, SP. Counting, marine environments, marine life.

Our House is Round. Kondonassis, Y.
JP. Cleaning up the planet, climate change, waste and recycling, saving energy.

Outdoor Environmental Games: Survival Special. Gould League of Victoria, Inc.
JP, SP, JS. Games for ages 6+ years, to play in urban and natural outdoor environments.

Recycling Plastic. Croser, N.
SP. Factual, waste and recycling.

Rubbish. Graham, A. & James, L.
K, JP. Waste and recycling.

Stuff. Kroll, S.
JP. Storybook, Trash-to-Treasure, community, urban environment.

Tree: A Little Story About Big Things. Parker, D.
K, JP. Circle of life, natural and urban environments.

Trees. Croser, N. & McDougall, J.
K, JP. Factual, life and products of trees.

Wasted World (Horrible Science). Arnold, N.
SP, JS. Factual, waste, energy, extreme climate.

What Does It Mean To Be Green? DiOrio, R.
K, JP, SP. Sustainable living.

What If There Were No Bees? Slade, S.
JP, SP, JS. Bees’ role in agriculture and ecology.

Why are the Ice Caps Melting?: The Dangers of Global Warming. Rockwell, A.
SP, JS. Factual, explanation of global warming and effects.

Why Should I Protect Nature? Gordon, M.
JP, SP. Looking after natural environment, in parks, at home.

Why Should I Recycle? Green, J.
JP, SP. Waste and recycling.

Why Should I Save Energy? Green, J.
JP, SP. Energy efficiency, resource management.

Why Should I Save Water? Green, J.
JP, SP. Water efficiency.

The World That We Want. Toft, KM.
K, JP, SP, JS. Poem, Artwork, Australian natural environment, marine environments.

Yum Yum… Where Does It Come From? Colless, C. & Colless, E.
K, JP. Farming, agriculture, food systems.

47 Things You Can Do For The Environment. Petronis, L.
SP, JS. Sustainable living.

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