Better Moves and School programs

Better Moves Around Schools

The Better Moves Around Schools program is a collaborative effort between us and schools to improve traffic, safety and parking management, and encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport when travelling to and from school. 

The Better Moves Around School program has been recognised as a Highly Recommended program by the 2016 Australasia Premier Road Safety Awards. 

Better Moves to schools map

The Better Moves to Schools map includes schools' Walking School Bus routes, Active Paths and Park and Walk locations.

School drop off and pick up zones 

The drop off and pick up zones are easily identified by bright pink coloured signage and line markings, and they have improved traffic flow and created a safer environment for children to be dropped off and picked up at school.

We encourage drivers to follow the road rules and be watchful for children when driving near schools.

Download the drop off and pick up zones flyer (pdf, 2.2MB).

Active Paths

Active Paths initiative is about making it easier for students that want to ride, walk, scoot or skate to school.

The paths are selected based on locally identified features such as:

  • The most direct route
  • Minimisation of known traffic and bus routes
  • Locality of good pedestrian infrastructure and
  • Walkable catchments to the school

They are designed and implemented in partnership with the school, bicycle network and Council.

They make the journey clear, popular and fun as possible. Even for students who live far away, part way is ok. 

Download the walking and cycling to school booklet (pdf, 1.2KB) or hints for getting to and from school (pdf, 294KB).

School Travel Plans

School Travel Plans support change from car use to more sustainable travel for the journey to and from school, such as walking, cycling and using public transport, including school buses. 

School Travel Planning has been shown to have significant benefits for school communities including:

  • Reduced traffic congestion around schools
  • Better health and fitness for students
  • Increased travel choices for students and carers
  • Improved safety for students
  • Greater social awareness with the school and local community

Park and Walk Locations, Signage and maps

Recognising that some students live too far to walk to and from school, we have identified locations that are within walking distance of the school and encourage those living more than 2km from the school to park and walk from this location.

Maps of these locations have been developed for schools and parents.

Stop Look Listen and Think Signage

Placed at school crossing to remind children to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK.

Safety around schools

How to keep children safe around a school zone. Download the safety around schools flyer (pdf, 2.37MB).

For more information on any of the initiatives listed, please contact the Transport Project Officer on 9243 8888.

Resources and programs

We aim to raise awareness of available programs, resources, funding opportunities and contact points to support schools and parents with road safety information.

Provided is a list of resources and programs for the different stages of road safety learning.

Early childhood programs and resources

Junior primary programs and resources 

Senior primary programs and resources 

Secondary school program and resources 

Better Moves Around Schools

Fliers available for schools to add to school newsletters, prep packs and year 7 information packs.

Hints for getting to and from school (pdf, 295KB)

Safety around school flyer (pdf, 295KB) 

How to use the pink drop off and pick up zone (pdf, 2.18MB) 

Crossing safely at pedestrian crossings (pdf, 882KB) 

Road safety poster (pdf, 431KB) 

Early childhood program and resources 

Resources/Programs  Information
Starting Out Safely

Vic Roads
9854 2782

Kidsafe Sesame, Elmo Road Safety Resources

Kidsafe Victoria
9036 2306

Junior primary program and resources

Resources/Programs  Information
Road safety education Victoria 

Road safety resources for teachers

Street Scene


9790 2924

Walking School Bus

Moonee Valley City Council

9243 8888

Expression of interest flyers are available for schools to distribute to parents prior to starting the walking school bus program.  

Senior primary program and resources 

Resources/Programs  Information 
Road safety education Victoria

Road safety resources for teachers

Bicycle Safety Education Instructor Training programs

DE&T preferred provider

Wilcare Services 9854 2782

Bike Ed

Vic Roads
9854 2782

We have a flyer which contains information for schools interested in conducting Bike Ed either at their school or at our Essendon Traffic School. Contact our Transport team on 9243 8888 to get copies of the flyers.

Secondary school program and resources

Resources/Programs  Information
Safe mates

9790 2924

Journey Planner PTV


Public Transport Victoria

1800 800 007

Learning to drive TAC
1800 332 556
TAC Road Safety TAC
1800 332 556
Road to zero - road safety experience at the Melbourne Museum - year 9-10 Museums Victoria
13 11 02

Supporting young people aged 16-21 to reach 120 hours of driving practise. 

Moonee Valley City Council
9234 1225

Fit2Drive (Year 11 students)

Moonee Valley City Council
F2D and VATSET 9885 9010

Fit2Drive is a program for year 11 students that's about changing attitudes and behaviours - not teaching driving skills.

The program focuses on providing opportunities to rehearse behaviours and develop problem solving strategies enabling young people to make good decisions when faced with risky driving situations, whether as a passenger or a driver.

Year 11 students can take part in a half-day workshop, which includes presentations by Victoria police and the MFB/CFA.

At the end of the workshop, students prepare personal plan involving strategies and things they would say and do in dangerous situations.

We are also reviewing the opportunity to hold a community youth forum with the theme personal safety and getting home safely.

I’d like more information on Fit2Drive

For more information visit the Fit2Drive website.

I’m in year 11 – how can I get involved?

Ask your school if they are running the program, and if they’re not, you can ask them to.

How can Council help Moonee Valley secondary schools get involved?

We can help you to run this at your school by paying for some of the course and providing information on how to get involved.

Secondary schools can contact the Transport Project Officer on 9243 8888 or  to get started. 

Good Sport - managing alcohol and sports Good Sports aims to reduce alcohol and other drug problems, increase the viability of sporting clubs and improve the range and quality of sport options available with the community.
P.A.R.T.Y Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in youth at the Alfred Hospital

Provides learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

Teen drinking laws Teen drinking laws parent information and resource register.

School crossing supervisors

Council manages the placement of school crossing supervisors at sites throughout the municipality as an important component of our Better Moves Around Schools program.

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