Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is Moonee Valley's dedicated drop-off waste and recycling facility.

Address: 188 Holmes Road, Aberfeldie 3040

Phone: 8325 1730

Opening hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 8am-4pm
  • Sunday: 8am-1pm
  • Closed on public holidays

Materials accepted at the Transfer Station

Recyclables accepted for free

  • Aluminium (cans, pots, pans and window frames)
  • Batteries as part of Sustainability Victoria’s Household Chemical Collection Program
  • Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps as part of Sustainability Victoria’s Household Chemical Collection Program
  • Cardboard (boxes must be emptied and flattened before your enter the Transfer Station - unflattened boxes will not be accepted)
  • Paper
  • Cooking oil
  • Engine oil (20 litre limit)
  • e-waste as part of Techcollect (computers, keyboards, laptops, printers, printer cartridges, motherboards, network and memory cards, cameras, faxes, telephones, televisions)
  • Mobile phones and accessories as part of MobileMuster
  • Plastics (codes 1-7, plant pots, buckets, bags, crates)
  • Clean polystyrene in household amounts only (it must fit in the back of a station wagon and be free from contamination - otherwise additional charges will apply)
  • Paint (20 litre container limit, no limit on total volume) as part of Sustainability Victoria’s Household Chemical Collection Program
  • Steel and metal (guttering, appliances, whitegoods, roofing and bicycles)
  • Textiles (re-useable shoes and clothing)

Permanently deleting your data

Before you drop off data-storing equipment, protect your personal information by securely and permanently wiping the data on the device first.

Just deleting files does not fully and permanently delete information from your device's hard drive. To find out how to do this properly, check with the manufacturer or search online for data wiping services or software. See the Techcollect website to find out more.

Items accepted at a cost

  • Hard rubbish
  • Tree pruning, garden rubbish and green waste
  • Furniture items
  • Timber and fencing
  • Mattresses
  • Tyres
  • Gas bottles
  • Carpet

See fees listed below.

Items not accepted

Transfer Station fees

Reduce your fees by separating your load - for example, keep hard waste separate from green waste and only pay for half a load of each. Garbage that is not separated will incur higher fees.

A car boot load of green waste is free for residents of Moonee Valley.

Please note: concrete, sand, soil and rubble are not accepted at the Transfer Station.

Vehicle type Volume Hard waste Pensioner (for hard waste only) Green waste
Boot load up to 0.25m3 $32


Resident - No charge
Non resident - $17

Station wagon

up to 0.5m3 $56 $52.50 $36
Single trailer, utility or van up to 0.7m3 $85.50 $81 $57.50
Single trailer heaped up to 1.1m3 $143 $134.50 $72.50
Single trailer high sides up to 2m3 $252 $241.50 $131.50
Tandem trailer up to 1.25m3 $160 $152.50 $102
Tandem trailer heaped up to 2m3 $262 $252 $150
Tandem trailer high sides up to 3.65m3 $472.50 $451.50 $248

Miscellaneous items

Please note: fees for miscellaneous items are subject to change.

Item Fee
Gas bottles (BBQ or camping size only) $12
Mattresses (all sizes) $37
Tyres (car) $16.50
Tyres (light truck) $31
Tyres (small truck) $35
Tyres (large truck, tractor) $60.50
Surcharge waste (small) $10
Surcharge waste (medium) $15
Surcharge waste (large) $21

No charge items / Resource Recoverable Resources

  • Motor Oil (20 litre limit)
  • Metal, aluminium cans
  • Computers
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Paint textile (charity bin)
  • Bottles (Plastic and Glass)
  • Plastic crates (For Milk, Bread and Drink Bottles)
  • Printer cartridges
  • Lead / Acid Batteries

Free mulch and compost

Free mulch and compost is available for Moonee Valley residents, subject to availability.

The material generally comes from the shredded prunings off park and street trees from Moonee Valley. Because the material is untreated, it may contain contaminates, weed seed, allergens and other micro-organisms which may be unsafe and:

  • cause damage to plants, animals and property;
  • contribute to skin irritations and cause respiratory conditions in some users.

Council accepts no liability of any nature whatsoever in the use of the mulch and/or compost.

To find out more or to check availability, please call us on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Monday, 12 November 2018, 12:20 AM