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Social media policy

Below is a list of dos and don'ts to ensure your voice is heard.


  • give us your input and opinions
  • treat other people and organisations with respect
  • read relevant material before posting
  • stay on topic


  • post personal information about another person, including name, if they have not already provided it - this includes identifying a member of Council staff by name
  • defame other people or organisations. These are comments that harm the reputation of a person or organisation
  • post things that could be considered intolerant of a person's race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual orientation, religion or age
  • post advertisements or SPAM this includes political material
  • link to inappropriate, offensive or illegal material
  • insult or attack individuals or organisations
  • post irrelevant comments

We reserve the right to remove comments that include any of the above, and will remove or ban any user who:

  • continues to post comments such as those listed above
  • uses offensive images as their profile picture, for example, sexually explicit images
  • has an offensive user name


Our social media pages are closely monitored during regular business hours. We aim to respond to you within 24 hours for a general enquiry and within 2 business days for more complex enquiries. We do not respond publicly on social media to matters of a personal nature.

If you have an urgent enquiry, please email or call 9243 8888 (this number diverts to an emergency hotline out of business hours).

You must contact us directly if you want to:


Moonee Valley City Council is not responsible for any loss caused by the use of these social media sites, or the use of any information contained in any of these pages of these sites.

Our social media sites are run by authorised employees of Moonee Valley City Council. Opinions expressed by non-employees are of the post author only and, unless otherwise stated and made by authorised persons on behalf of Council, do not represent the official view of Moonee Valley City Council.

Any links to external websites (i.e. websites not on the domain) are followed at the users own risk. The contents of the posts or contributions are not monitored and have not been reviewed by the us, and we accept no responsibility for the content or privacy restrictions of this site. For clarification, you can direct any correspondence to We do not take any responsibility for the maintenance of the content on any external websites.

Please note that links or associations made via social media sites to external community groups or businesses should not be viewed as an endorsement. This includes sharing of content from other social media pages and liking/following other social media sites.

Your use of these sites signifies your acceptance of these terms of use.


All comments left on our spaces are on public display. Remember to be diligent with the information you share at all times. Do not post personal information such as home/work addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. Comments containing such information will be removed.

For enquiries where such personal information is necessary, contact us directly. 

Please also refer to the following privacy policies:

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