Our values

Moonee Valley City Council values are at the core of our work. They inform our work and behaviours, and determine how we engage with each other and with other organisations.

Your commitment to these values will be central to your successful performance as an employee of Moonee Valley City Council.

Strategic thinking

Looking ahead, planning for change and understanding community aspirations in the context of Council’s role

You will strive to understand the broad context in which decisions are made, including emerging issues and trends within the community, particularly the opportunities that arise from improving technology.


Sharing information and listening to each other so that we can better serve our citizens

You will communicate with others respectfully, in an open, honest and constructive way in order to improve results. You will ensure that you share information and everyone has equal access to that information so people can make properly informed decisions.


Taking responsibility for our actions, reporting accurately on our activities

You will carry out your day-to-day duties in a manner that earns the trust of other employees and the community. To earn this trust you will operate transparently and accept responsibility for the success or failure of your work, learning from your mistakes. In addition, if required, you will report to the Council and the community so that they can clearly see how resources are allocated to meet the community’s needs.


Showing the way by living our values

Every person in the organisation is a leader and has the capacity to show leadership. You will show leadership by adhering to our values, communicating with others, acknowledging constraints, seizing opportunities and working together to improve outcomes.


Seeking new ways to achieve better outcomes

You will focus on working to achieve goals, develop systems and solve problems more efficiently and effectively by sharing knowledge and learning.


Helping each other is everyone’s job to achieve the best outcome for citizens

You will strive to understand the roles of others, respect the different skills, abilities and perspectives we each bring as individuals and use this diversity to achieve a better outcome. You will pitch in when others need a hand and ask for help when you need it.

Last updated: Thursday, 10 January 2019, 1:30 AM