Affordable housing

We consider the lack of affordable housing in Moonee Valley a serious issue.

Access to safe, secure and affordable housing for all ages and life stages is important. This includes appropriate, safe, secure and affordable housing for older people, young people, families, singles, couples and people with disability. Without access to affordable housing, some people may be forced to move out of our community or into housing that is unsafe, insecure or inappropriate.

Affordable housing is the outcome of the complex interaction between:

  • household income
  • the costs of maintaining a reasonable standard of living
  • the costs of adequate, appropriate and secure housing.

Commonly, affordable housing is defined as housing that costs no more than 30 per cent of household income.

We are in the process of developing a new Housing Strategy for Moonee Valley. Learn more about Moonee Valley’s housing future and how you can get involved.

Last updated: Saturday, 18 May 2019, 1:44 PM