Drainage application permits

Application for Legal Point of Discharge

When undertaking new building works, a legal point of discharge for the stormwater run-off will be required. For multi-unit developments the developer may be required to connect to an existing drain, construct a new drain or provide an on site detention system.

Some extensions to an existing building may be connected into the existing stormwater system. Your building surveyor can advise on this.

Complete the form most relevant to your application:


Legal Point of Discharge application cost - $141.20

Application for Stormwater Asset details

If you require information about council stormwater drain, pit or easement details for a development. Please note: depending on location, drainage details are not always available or reliable.


Stormwater Asset field inspection cost - $410
Council Stormwater Easement details cost - $205

Application for Drainage Inspection permit

We require an inspection of any:

  • connection to a drain or drainage system
  • easement or asset vested in or under our control
  • works undertaken within an easement

      You must also complete a Drainage Inspection online application before beginning any of these activities. If the works are to be carried out in the road and/or nature strip, a Works within a Municipal Road Reserve online application will also need to be completed.

      Drainage requirements for developments

      Stormwater and design requirements

      We have a stormwater drainage policy to control:

      • the manner in which proposed developments discharge their stormwater runoff
      • unnecessary surface flows
      • overburdening of existing infrastructures

      Assessment of engineering design plans and calculations by Council is only necessary if specifically requested by us through a development’s Legal Point of Discharge, Planning Permit Conditions or otherwise. We generally assess engineering plans under the following circumstances:

      • Internal drainage systems where an On-Site Detention, Pump or Pressurised System is required. Additionally, where Council deems a development may pose a flood risk to an adjoining property, assessment of the drainage design plans may be required.
      • Where a development’s Legal Point of Discharge or Planning Permit Conditions requires the construction of a new Council asset, submission of detailed engineering design plans, prepared by a suitably qualified Civil Engineer, is required (e.g. new barrel drains, footpaths, or Right of Way constructions etc).

      To apply, please complete the relevant form:

      Please attach all design plans, calculations, endorsed Condition 1 plan, and any other relevant supporting documentation.


      Design checking cost - Civil works Council assets - $230

      More information

      Please see our Legal Point of Discharge Policy (pdf, 500KB).

      If you require any clarification on the plan checking process please contact the Engineering Services Unit on 9243 8888.

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