Road-under-rail: what the community needs to know

Wednesday, 4 January 2018

Moonee Valley City Council has reaffirmed its opposition to the State Government’s road-under-rail design for the Buckley Street level crossing removal project and called on the Level Crossing Removal Authority to release the design and traffic impact report to the community.

Moonee Valley Mayor Cr John Sipek said Council voted at its 12 December Council meeting to continue advocating for a rail under road solution.

“We have been working closely with the LXRA to get the best outcome from the design and we will continue to stand up for this community on this important project,” Cr Sipek said.

Integrated Transport portfolio holder Cr Andrea Surace said the LXRA’s failure to release the design to the public was an admission that it remains deeply flawed and is politically embarrassing.

“Council has done its best to work with the LXRA to get the best outcome from road-under-rail but it is clear that there is no good version of this design,” Cr Surace said.

“The LXRA has not told the community that their road-under design will mean the loss of 55 car parks from Buckley Street, Rose Street and Russell Street.

“They have not told the public that you will not be able to turn right in and out of Lorraine and Violet Street. This will almost certainly result in more traffic using quiet side streets such as McPhail Street, Cliff Street, Rob Street, Court Street and Daisy Street.

“There is a reason these details are being kept hidden from the community because if they knew there would be outrage.

“The outcomes for pedestrians and people with mobility issues were particularly poor under the current road-under-rail design.

“Of particular concern is that they are proposing to remove the existing pedestrian crossing on the south side of the rail line (between Sherbourne Street and Carlyle Street) and the underpass on the north side will not be upgraded to allow use by people of all abilities.

“If someone with mobility issues wanted to cross the railway line at Buckley Street under the current design they would need to travel all the way up Rose Street to the underpass at the train station and all the way back down Russell Street adding over 300m to their journey.

“Neither the ramps into Essendon station nor the platforms will be made compliant with Disability Discrimination Act standards.

“The government is spending millions of dollars on the project only to leave people with mobility issues worse off than they already are. We would expect more from a project designed to modernise and improve transport in the area.”

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