Local laws

Moonee Valley’s Activities and General Amenities Local Law 2018 (pdf, 996KB) (the Local Law) was developed through an extensive and proactive consultation process and came into effect 1 July 2018.

The Community Impact Statement (pdf, 233KB) explains the process of developing, consulting on and adopting the Local Law.

Local Law documents

The Local Law also incorporates the below documents, by reference:

Incorporated document  Related clause  File detail 
Community Managed Events On Council Land Policy  2.1  pdf, 172KB
Community Managed Events On Council Land – Event Permit Application Form  2.1  pdf, 103KB
Community Managed Events On Council Land – Event Risk Management Control Plan  2.1  pdf, 173KB
Mobile Food Vehicle Policy  2.1 and 4.14  pdf, 158KB
Mobile Food Vehicle Policy Guidelines  2.1 and 4.14  pdf, 385KB
Application to Conduct Personal Training/Group Fitness Sessions on Moonee Valley Parklands and Open Spaces  2.1  pdf, 472KB
Guidelines to surveillance and privacy in the Victorian public sector  2.1  pdf, 201KB
Drone Usage Guidelines and application form  2.1 – 2.2  pdf, 504KB
Filming in Moonee Valley Guidelines and application form  2.4  pdf, 8.4MB
Asset Protection Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 597KB
Works Within a Road Reserve Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 255KB
Building Over or Adjacent to an Easement Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 211KB
Drainage Investigations Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 1.4MB
Legal Point of Discharge Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 502KB
Temporary Road Closure and Occupancy Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 428KB
Vehicle Crossings Policy  3.1 – 3.6  pdf, 769KB
Graffiti Management Policy  4.1  pdf, 417KB
Fire Prevention Guidelines   4.11  pdf, 293KB
Shopping Trolley Guidelines  4.13  pdf, 298KB
Footpath Trading Policy  4.14  pdf, 264KB
Real Estate Agent Temporary Signage Guidelines and application form   4.14  pdf, 287KB
Advertising Signs for Community Events Policy   4.14  pdf, 106KB
Alcohol Restriction Areas   4.19  pdf, 2.4MB
Smoke Free Areas Guidelines  4.20  pdf, 272KB
Busking Guidelines and application form  4.24  pdf, 334KB
Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins on Roadsides  4.25 and 4.26  pdf, 185KB
Waste Collection Guidelines  4.25 and 4.26  pdf, 296KB
Noise Control Guidelines  4.29  pdf, 186KB
Tree and Canopy Protection Guidelines  4.31  pdf, 711KB
Determination of Full Value of Trees for Reinstatement Costs   4.31 and 2.1  pdf, 937KB
Building Sites Guidelines   4.32  pdf, 368KB
Domestic Animal Management Plan    5.1 – 5.7  pdf, 1.2MB
Additional Animal Permit Guidelines and application form  5.1  pdf, 451KB
Victorian Code of Practice for the Keeping and Racing of Pigeons  5.1  pdf, 86KB
Apiary Code of Practice    5.2  pdf, 1.9MB
Nuisance Barking Dog Kit   5.4  pdf, 592KB
Specified Wetland Guide   5.7  pdf, 257KB
Application for Internal Review   7.2  pdf, 393KB
Notice to Comply  7.3  pdf, 278KB
Impounding Guidelines  7.5  pdf, 293KB

Mobile Food Vehicle Policy

The Mobile Food Vehicle Policy and application was developed through an extensive and proactive consultation process and as a result of significant interest for vendors to operate within the municipality (came into effect 1 July 2018).


For more information, contact our City Compliance team on 9243 8888 or email council@mvcc.vic.gov.au

Local law permits

You can now apply online for a Local Law Permit to carrying out any of these activities under The Footpath Trading Policy 2018;

  • Charity Collections
  • Charity Intersection Collections
  • Temporary Pop up stalls
  • Busking
Applications must be lodged at least 10 days prior to the proposed activity date.

Please note, if required you can obtain hardcopy application forms for temporary pop up stalls from Council's Civic Centre at 9 Kellaway Avenue Moonee Ponds.

Tree and canopy protection requirements

Council's Activities and General Amenities Local Law 2018 (pdf, 996KB), section 4.31.1 states that 'a person must not, without a permit, carry out any works to a Significant tree or Canopy Tree, unless such works are conducted in compliance with Council's Tree and Canopy Protection Guidelines (pdf, 711KB) (being a document incorporated by reference into this Local Law).

The main objective of these Guidelines are to ensure that the established tree character of the municipal district is maintained and prohibit, regulate and control any activities which may endanger Significant and Canopy Trees.

Nature Strip Policy

Council has adopted the Nature Strip Policy (pdf, 1.4MB) which gives residents the chance to personalise their nature strips by choosing their own plants.

You can also view our Frequently Asked Questions here

Filming in Moonee Valley

With stunning parks and reserves, quirky cafes and incredible historical sites, Moonee Valley is bursting with potential film locations. However, if you’re filming on public land, a permit may be required.

Our City Compliance department will be your single point of contact during the application process.

Do I need a permit to film? 

A wide range of productions may require a filming permit , including:

  • student
  • commercial (Council requires a film permit for all commercial filming activities conducted in public space)
  • community
  • not-for-profit

A filming permit ensures, among other things that public space is used safely and disruptions to residents and the public is kept to a minimum. Applicant will require a minimum 12 weeks’ notice to Council prior to any filming commencing. For more information contact us on 9243 8888.

What steps do I need to take to get a film permit?

Before you apply online for your Council filming permit, you may need to:

  1. Organise Public Liability Insurance (minimum cover $10 million).
  2. Apply for a Road Occupancy Permit a minimum of ten working days prior to filming (if parking is required).
  3. Contact relevant external agencies for any additional approvals before filming begins.
  4. You must complete the Police Filming Notification Form if your filming involves use of firearms, special effects, stunts etc.
  5. Contact local residents and businesses regarding your intention to film (including your contact details) a minimum of five days before filming starts.

Phone: 9243 8888
Email: council@mvcc.vic.gov.au
Post: City Compliance, Moonee Valley City Council, PO Box 126, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Please note: Some sensitive locations may require detailed discussion over a period of time prior to a filming application being submitted.

How much do film permits cost?

We do not charge a processing fee for film permits, however fees apply for the use of some council resources including:

Filming in parks:

  • $625 (half day 7am-12 noon)
  • $1,240 (full day 7am-5pm)

Road Occupancy Permit - $126 (application fee) and $1 per sqm per day.

How will I know if my application is approved?

We will notify you in writing, via post, including terms and conditions that apply and any associated fees.

When can I start filming?

You can start filming as soon as your permit is approved.

What happens when filming is finished?

When filming is over, the location must be left in the same condition as it was found. If it has been changed or damaged in any way, the production company is responsible for restoring it to its original condition and paying for any repairs.

Where can I get more information?

  • You can call our City Compliance Department on 9243 8888
  • Full details of filmmaker responsibilities can be found in Film Victoria’s Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct.
  • Visit VicRoads for more information. You may require a permit from them if you are filming on arterial roads or using specialist filming vehicles etc.
  • If filming is likely to affect public transport in any way, you must submit an Event Notification Form to Public Transport Victoria.

Alcohol restrictions

We have established alcohol restrictions from 9pm-9am in Flemington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Airport West, Keilor East and Strathmore.

You can view a map of these areas (pdf, 2.38MB) or alternatively hard copies of this map are available at the Civic Centre and our libraries.

The declaration of these new alcohol restriction areas and times were published in the Victoria Government Gazette on 9 December 2010.

Restriction signs have been installed advising that these restrictions will be enforced by Victoria Police.

We have also provided for a 24-hour restriction on those roads in the vicinity of major venues and events such as the Cox Plate, Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington and events at the Showgrounds. A 24-hr restriction also applies to Racecourse Road, Flemington from Bellair Street to Princess Street and includes Pridham Plaza and McCall Reserve (published in the Victoria Government Gazette on 2 October 2014).

There is a ban on drinking or carrying opened containers of alcohol in Area 1 and Area 2 of Moonee Valley. This restriction applies at all times and is enforced by Victoria Police.

The ban does not affect licensed outdoor dining.

For information on alcohol restriction areas, please contact your local police station.


Disposing of rubbish in a public space, footpath, park or street is illegal. If you are caught littering, you could be issued an on the spot fine from Council Officers. For more information on the littering fine, see the Environment Protection Act 1970.

What is litter?

Litter includes any of the following:

  • Cigarette butts
  • Dog poo
  • General and hard rubbish
  • Over-flowing rubbish bins

Report a littering offence to the EPA.

Unsightly property

Owners and tenants of private, commercial and industrial properties must keep their property in a safe and reasonable state.

Poorly kept properties are unsightly and can be a health and fire hazard. For more information about unsightly property contact our Local Laws unit on 9243 8888.

Abandoned vehicles

We will remove and impound abandoned, unregistered or unsafe vehicles from the streets and parks until we find the owner.
We will impound a vehicle 24 hours after an orange sticker has been placed on it, and may dispose of the vehicle if it is not claimed within 21 days with release fees paid.

To report abandoned vehicles, make an online service request or call us on 9243 8888.

If you have an orange abandoned sticker on your vehicle, please contact us immediately on 9243 8888.
Claiming an impounded vehicle

Impounded vehicles will only be released to the owner.

To claim your vehicle, you must bring evidence of ownership such as registration papers and drivers licence. You must pay the accrued fees before the vehicle can be released. 

Burning off

Burning off rubbish, leaves and unwanted items are not permitted in the City of Moonee Valley.

It is illegal under our local laws and may be a nuisance and health risk to neighbours.

Fire prevention

Our officers carry out inspections prior to the summer period, and notices may be issued to remove a fire hazard.

Keep your grass trimmed short to reduce the risk of further spreading a potential fire.


We help the community to remove graffiti from public spaces. Find out more on our graffiti page.

Overhanging trees

If you rent or own a home in Moonee Valley, you must ensure that footpaths next to your property are free of obstructions to pedestrians and traffic.

Overhanging trees and shrubs should not hang lower than 2.4 metres above the footpath and nature strip.

Abandoned shopping trolleys

Shopping Trolleys that are not returned to their owner are considered litter. They can be a hazard to road users and are unsightly in our streets, parks and reserves. 

People are encouraged to report Abandoned Shopping Trolleys in the following ways;

Visit Trolley Tracker or free call 1800 641 497 for the following retailer’s trolleys:

  • Woolsworth/ Safeway
  • Target
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy's

Visit 1800 TROLLEY, free call 1800 876 553 or email 1800Trolley@coles.com.au for the following retailer's trolleys:

  • Coles
  • Kmart
  • Bunnings
  • Officeworks
  • 1st Choice

Lodge an online request for a service or call us on 9243 8888.

Request for service

You can now request a service relating to local laws online.

Bees and wasps

If you have bees or wasps on private property you are responsible for the removal. You will need to contact a licensed pest controller or apiarists.

Do not attempt to remove it yourself.

If the nest is on council land, in parks, pools or on buildings contact us on 9243 8888 who will organise the removal.

If the bees or wasps are on a light pole, contact:

  • AGL phone 133 000
  • Origin Energy phone 131 260, or
  • Telecommunication Pit Telstra phone 132 200

For more information on bees or wasps contact our Animal Management Team on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Saturday, 20 April 2019, 10:51 PM