School governance program

We have developed a fun and interactive school program for students who are undertaking the Governance and Citizenship subject.

The program involves:

  • your class visiting the Civic Centre
  • the Mayor and/or a Councillor plus staff giving a presentation in our Council Chambers, speaking with students about local government and Council services.

We have a series of fact sheets and works sheets for the students to complement their experience and for use in the classroom.

At the completion of the program, all students receive a certificate and Council show bag.

If you would like your class to take part in one of the above options, please contact the Councillor Support Office on 9243 8846 to make a booking.

Learning materials

Fact sheets

Work sheets:

Class activity:

Video examples

Here is Mayor Cr Andrea Surace showing primary school students how Council decisions are made on community issues, during a formal council meeting.


The below video shows the 2015 Rights of the Child Governance Forum where students from seven primary schools were able to learn first-hand about children’s rights and local government decision making.

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