Advocacy Strategy

To read more about the Airport Rail link, head to our new community engagement page

One of the primary roles of Local Government is to provide leadership to the local community through advocacy.

We have developed an Advocacy Strategy 2018-21 (pdf, 1.5MB) (docx, 1.7MB) which outlines the key priority projects we are asking other levels of government and organisations to partner with us to deliver over the coming years.

We continuously work with other levels of government, agencies and organisations to achieve our goals for the city and the community.

The projects identified in the Strategy are not the only advocacy issues for the us and our community. However the upcoming Victorian election in November 2018 and the Federal election due to be held by May 2019, present a significant opportunity to gain the support of other levels of government to deliver on these key advocacy priorities.

The key priority projects we are advocating on are:

Flemington community hub

We are seeking significant funding support from other levels of government to partner with us to deliver a vibrant new community hub at Debneys Park.

The hub we are envisioning provides services, and engaging and creative spaces.

It could include space for:

  • education and learning
  • health and social services
  • recreation and sports
  • employment and business support
  • cultural events
  • art spaces
  • performance spaces
  • youth-friendly spaces.

A place to visit, socialise, learn, work, and play!

As an inner city location, the suburb of Flemington and surrounding neighbourhoods are experiencing significant population growth. The State Government is planning a redevelopment of the nearby Flemington housing estate, which will add extra housing to the area and create an even greater need for community infrastructure to support this additional growth.

We want to make sure that your neighbourhood remains liveable, with enough infrastructure and services to support a creative, active and healthy life.

For more information about the project visit the Flemington Community Hub webpage.

East Keilor Leisure Centre

We are seeking significant funding from other levels of government to partner with us to deliver Moonee Valley’s largest ever infrastructure project, the redevelopment of the East Keilor Leisure Centre into a vibrant community hub.

We have already been successful in receiving $3 million of funding from the Victorian Government towards the project, and we are seeking further funding commitment from both the Victorian and Federal Government to deliver the project.

The East Keilor Leisure Centre plays a pivotal role in catering for the health and wellbeing of the residents in the northern sector of the municipality.

The East Keilor Leisure Centre was originally built in the 1950s. Over the years it has been improved and upgraded but the condition of such an old facility and particularly the pools will soon be beyond repair. In addition, the centre now has an outdated layout and poor accessibility and no longer meets the needs of our community.

A new modern facility which is fully accessible, and includes rehabilitation (hydrotherapy pool) and dedicated children’s aquatic play space is vital to meet the changing needs of our community, particularly, families, people with disability, and our aging population.

For more information about the project visit the East Keilor Leisure Centre webpage.

Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Fairbairn Park

We are seeking funding support from other levels of government to partner with us to deliver a $6 million upgrade and expansion of netball and other sports facilities at Riverside Park Golf and Tennis Centre (Riverside).

We have already been successful in receiving $2 million of funding from the Victorian Government towards the project. We are still seeking an additional $1 million commitment from other levels of government towards the completion of the project.

The new infrastructure will include 16 new courts (replacing the existing seven completion non-compliant courts) and the ancillary infrastructure needed to support competition and training including dedicated player and spectator features. It would also include a new community sports pavilion which would provide appropriate change rooms for female players and other facilities to support the growth of netball participation as well as tennis, and golf at Riverside.

For more information about the project visit the Fairbairn Park webpage.

Melbourne Airport rail link

The State and Federal Governments have each committed $5 billion to build an Airport Rail Link that will travel through Melbourne’s west.

Council has resolved to support the Airport Rail Link project, and we’re eager to maximise the benefit for residents and businesses in Moonee Valley. With the State and Federal Governments both identifying their preferred route as passing through Airport West, we believe the Rail Link provides an exciting opportunity to connect Airport West, Keilor East and Essendon Fields up to the rail network.

To find out more about our campaign and get on board, visit our new community engagement page.

Moonee Ponds Junction and bus interchange

Our advocacy was successful in securing a commitment from the State Government during the 2018 election campaign to fund a $100,000 feasibility study.  This will kick off planning to improve the operation, safety and accessibility of the Moonee Ponds Junction and the bus interchange.

The Moonee Ponds Junction is a busy intersection and a key transport interchange for buses and trams. The complexity of the current seven way intersection is unsustainable and unsafe, slowing traffic movements through the area and presents a critical barrier to cycling and pedestrian movement in the activity centre.

Upgrading the Moonee Ponds Junction will help transform the activity centre into a vibrant, safe and pedestrian-friendly area with improved public transport services, better pedestrian facilities, and less traffic congestion.

Maribyrnong River bridge (Raleigh Road) pedestrian and cycling infrastructure

The Raleigh Road Bridge is a VicRoads asset and provides an important crossing of the Maribyrnong River for vehicles, trams, cyclists and pedestrians.

The bridge currently carries significant volumes of east-west traffic and services nearby Highpoint Shopping Centre. It also forms a key link in pedestrian and bicycle commuting routes along the Maribyrnong River and into the CBD.

The existing pedestrian pathway on the road bridge is narrow and immediately adjacent to the roadway, without any physical separation. Often pedestrians need to step onto the roadway to pass others, in particular if there are prams or scooters. Cyclists are required to share the roadway with vehicles or share the narrow path with pedestrians. With trams also sharing the centre of the roadway, the Raleigh Road Bridge can become congested and dangerous for road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

We have been advocating to the Victorian Government to widen the existing pedestrian footpath on the bridge to improve safety and separate cyclists for a number of years. Our advocacy has been successful and the Victorian Government has committed to undertaking these works as part of the 2018/19 budget.

In the longer term, we want to see pedestrians and cyclists separated on a new pedestrian bridge running parallel to the existing road bridge and we will continue to advocate to the State Government for this outcome.

Moonee Ponds Creek revitalisation

The northern section of the creek near Brosnan Cresent in Strathmore was the last to be concreted in the 1970s. The passionate community protest at that time against the ecological damage that this practice caused ensured that no further sections of the creek were concreted up.

We are seeking a commitment from other levels of government to fund the removal and revegetation of the concrete northern section of the Moonee Ponds Creek around Brosnan Crescent, Strathmore as a first step in a long term plan to create a healthy, natural waterway and parkland.

We are further asking for the Victorian Government to invest in the resources needed to drive the eventual revitalisation of the whole catchment including funding for a Moonee Ponds Creek project officer at Melbourne Water and expanded funding opportunities for local councils and their communities to deliver these projects.

We are also seeking support from the Victorian Government for a Moonee Ponds Creek catchment wide governance structure and planning controls to better plan for improvements to the catchment and creek corridor.

For more information about the project visit the Moonee Ponds Creek website.

Increased tree canopy

We are seeking the creation of new funding opportunities and support from the Victorian and Australian governments for urban greening projects, and increased tree canopy initiatives to assist us in meeting our goal to increase tree canopy cover to 30 per cent by 2040. This may include:

  • Funding for tree planting on Council land
  • Policy initiatives to extend canopy coverage along key corridors such as waterways and active transport routes managed by a variety of government agencies.

Through the draft MV2040 Strategy, we have proposed an ambitious target to increase tree canopy cover from around 11 per cent currently, to 30 per cent by 2040 in order to maximise the many benefits provided by an urban forest. This target poses a challenge and will require a significant and coordinated effort across Council land, the private realm and land held by other government agencies.

Our draft Urban Forest Plan 2018-2022 outlines the actions to be taken over the next four years to work toward achieving our target.

Take action

You can help us in our advocacy efforts by contacting your local state and federal members of parliament and letting them know you want their support for our priority projects.

If you are passionate about any of our advocacy priorities and would like to find out about our future campaign efforts, email or call our Advocacy Coordinator on 9243 8888.

Last updated: Thursday, 13 December 2018, 5:06 AM