Waste and Resource Recovery Plan

The Waste and Resource Recovery Plan (pdf, 4.83MB) (docx, 8.94MB) is our vision for the sustainable management of waste. Our aim is to reduce waste from our operations and from the community.


Draft MV2040 Action Plan – Waste and Resource Recovery Plan

Australian households produce over 13 million tonnes of waste per year and our local community leads typical Australian, high-consumption lifestyles. We need to rethink our use of resources and consider the whole life cycle of materials. By first avoiding waste and increasing reuse, recycling and other forms of resource recovery, we can dramatically cut waste disposed to landfill.

We want to become a city that rethinks waste and we’ve set an aspirational target to increase resource recovery and divert 90 per cent of household waste away from landfill by 2040. We’re also aiming to eliminate food waste disposed to landfill, well before 2040.

This draft plan sets out sustainable waste management and resource recovery actions over the next four years.

Have we got it right?

View the Draft Waste and Resource Recovery Plan (PDF 1.41MB, accessible version 110KB) and send your feedback to environment@mvcc.vic.gov.au or call 9243 8888 by Thursday, 7 June.

Last updated: Saturday, 9 February 2019, 5:20 AM