Community event permits

Any person or wishing to host an event on Council managed land may require permission from Council.  

An event permit is required if your event:

  • involves more than 100 people
  • involves temporary structures (e.g. marquees, stages, lighting)*    
  • is a fair or festival
  • involves the sale of food or drink
  • requires road closures or changes to normal traffic or parking conditions
  • involves vendors, performances, entertainment, amusements or inflatables**
  • requires the use of power
  • involves fireworks

You will not require an event permit for

  • social gatherings of less than 100 people (excluding weddings)
  • passive recreational activities
  • indoor events

* One marquee (sized 3m x 6m or under) is allowed without requiring a permit, provided it is weighted to manufacturers instructions. Pegging of any structures is not permitted. 

** Amusements, inflatables and animals farms/petting zoos are not permitted for private celebrations in parks.

If you are planning a wedding or private event, please visit our wedding permits page.

How to apply for an event permit

By contacting Council to discuss your event, we can help make sure your chosen location is available, answer any queries you may have and advise you of your responsibilities and the requirements for your event.

Provided all relevant information has been supplied, assessment of your application may take place within four weeks of lodgement. Larger scale community events require additional time for processing and require a minimum 12 weeks notice.


To assist with your planning you may wish to use our Event Risk Management template (375KB)

Please ensure you include all requested information, as it is required to process your application.
For all enquiries please contact Sport and Recreation on 9243 8888.
Last updated: Friday, 15 February 2019, 3:53 AM