Hansen and Etzel Reserve

Address: Etzel Street, Airport West

Melway ref: 15H7

Hansen and Etzel Reserves have two sports fields that can be used for active or informal recreation use.

The reserves also feature:

  • an integrated walking trail that links to playgrounds
  • a picnic area
  • toilets
  • ample car parking

The use of passive irrigation, recycled building bricks and planting throughout the park gives it a unique look while demonstrating the principles of water sensitive design.

Improving Hansen and Etzel Reserves

We have plans to improve the facilities and accessibility of Hansen and Etzel Reserves that include:

  • creating an integrated walking trail
  • adding a half-size ball court
  • adding a large playground
  • putting emphasis on Etzel Street entry and Glenys Street frontage to establish the reserve's character

The long-term requirements of local sports clubs have also been considered with:

  • sace for additional tennis courts
  • povision for up to 180 car parks
  • relocation of cricket nets to reduce sun glare
  • landscaping to pavilion surrounds

Read more about our plans to improve Hansen and Etzel Reserve in the master plan (pdf, 1,16MB).

More information

For more information, contact our Parks unit on 9243 8888.