Woodlands Park

Address: Cnr Woodlands Street and Carnarvon Road, Essendon

Melway ref: 16F12

Woodlands Park is a popular picnic spot with barbecue facilities. It also has plenty of open space perfect for kicking a footy or other sporting activities, as well as playground for children.  Download the Woodlands and Napier Parks walking trail brochure and learn more about the area as you explore.

Stormwater Harvesting System – Construction underway

What works are being done?

  • We will be upgrading the existing ponds in Woodlands Park into a functional wetland.
  • Stormwater from the surrounding area will be collected and treated through the wetland.
  • This will then be re-used on site to irrigate the surrounding grassed areas in Woodlands Park.
  • Pedestrian movement and access through the park will temporarily be affected, please abide by signage on site.
  • The contractor delivering this project for is Entracon Civil Pty Ltd.
  • The works will include:
    • re-lining and upgrade the existing ponds
    • new drainage infrastructure
    • new rockwork and erosion protection
    • installation of small irrigation pump cabinet
    • update and extend existing irrigation system throughout the park
    • wetland planting
    • upgraded bridge crossing between the ponds.

Why are these works being done?

  • By upgrading the ponds into a functional wetland, it will improve water quality.
  • It will provide a more sustainable water supply to irrigate Woodlands Park.
  • It will improve waterway health through the reduction of nitrogen, pollutant loads, stormwater runoff and improve stormwater quality entering Five Mile Creek,
  • Improve grassing and amenity of the park,
  • Increase local biodiversity and wetland habitat for local fauna including Turtles, Buff Banded Rails, Australian Hobby and Herrons,
  • Improve safety by replacing the bluestone edge with a soft planted border.

What is the timing of the works?

  • The works will start on Monday, 13 May,
  • The works are due to be complete by the end of October 2019, weather permitting.

Wildlife affected by the works.

  • We are aware of turtle sightings in the area.
  • Turtles may seek refuge within the park, to move away from the construction works.
  • Council is working with Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to ensure the safe temporary relocation, so that they can return once works are complete.
  • Council have liaised with Wildlife Victoria, local vets, and key community wildlife volunteers about these works.

I have seen/found stray turtles or other wildlife – what should I do?

  • If residents see a turtle in the park, please DO NOT pick them up.
  • During work hours please contact Council immediately to arrange safe collection.
  • After work hour calls will be deferred to after-hours staff who have been briefed about this and arrange collection.

Improving Woodlands Park

We have plans to improve the design and accessibility of Woodlands Park and Salmon Reserve that include:

  • Lake improvements including stormwater harvesting for park irrigation
  • Additional public toilet
  • Walking path improvements
  • Additional seating
  • Improved picnic facilities
  • Raised pedestrian crossings
  • Outdoor exercise equipment
  • Playspace Improvements
  • Increased plantings

Read more about our plans to improve Woodlands Park and Salmon Reserve.

A reminder: please don’t feed the ducks or other birdlife. It’s very unhealthy for them.

For an explanation on the reasons why, watch our 1 minute YouTube animation and share it with your friends to help spread the word!

More information

For more information, contact our Parks unit on 9243 8888.