Benefits of kindergarten

What are the benefits of kindergarten for my child?

Kindergarten and three year old program experiences give your child the opportunity to:

  • develop communication skills that assist with reading and writing
  • gain confidence and a feeling of self-worth
  • develop responsibility and independence
  • learn social skills such as listening and respecting other people’s ideas
  • build self-awareness and respect for others
  • learn to be creative
  • experience maths, social studies and science
  • use technology
  • discover the joy of learning
  • make new friends

Children learn these skills through a play-based curriculum where they are able to make choices and share in decision making. Children are provided with the opportunity to develop caring relationships with adults as well as friendships with other children.

Three year old programs

Three year old programs give children the opportunity to engage with others in a more structured environment. Children develop awareness of themselves, people and their surroundings through a play-based curriculum.

Staff use their knowledge of children’s development to extend children’s learning, their independence, creativity and expressive thought.

Three year old programs vary from three to six hours per week. Program hours are set by individual services based on licensing requirements and demand. These may vary from year to year. Group sizes may also differ, with the average group size being 21 children.

Four year old kindergarten

The kindergarten year aims to encourage the development of children's self-esteem. They support children in:

  • believing in themselves and understanding that they are independent and capable beings
  • feeling secure and confident and expressing themselves to others

Early Childhood Educators develop programs for children based on the National and Victorian Early Years Learning Frameworks and offer a play based curriculum.

Kindergarten programs operate for 15 hours per week. These hours can be spread over two to four sessions per week. Program hours are set by individual preschools based on licensing and funding requirements. These may vary from year to year. Group sizes may also differ, with the average group size being 28 children. Some kindergartens offer more than one group, with varying hours and session times.

Integrated kindergarten programs

The following Council long day care services offer an integrated kindergarten program. Integrated programs give families access to high quality kindergarten and long day care all under one roof.

  • Flemington Street Children’s Centre
  • Strathmore Children’s Centre
  • Milleara Integrated Learning and Development Centre for Children (MILDCC)
  • Hopetoun Early Years Centre 

Integrated programs are taught by university qualified preschool teachers and are delivered from Monday to Friday for 7.5 hours a day during school terms. During school holidays the program continues to be delivered by diploma qualified educators. 

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