Internet access and computer use policy

Moonee Valley Libraries is committed to providing free access to internet resources and to enable as many community members as possible to benefit from this access. This policy covers use of computer facilities in the library and access to internet, including wireless use.

1. Internet and computer access

1.1    All visitors to the library can access Wi-Fi.

1.2    Members may access library computer facilities. 

1.3    Printing is available and charges apply.

1.4    Material accessed within the library must be acceptable for viewing in a public place.

1.5    Users agree to comply with all copyright laws and any applicable State or Federal legislation.

1.6    Computer access may be denied to users with outstanding charges on their library card.

1.7    Council reserves the right to limit download amounts and restrict access to certain sites and file types.

1.8    Wi-Fi access is only available during library operating hours.

2. Computers, mobile device and internet use

2.1    Computers can be booked one week in advance for periods of up to two hours.

2.2    Users must log in to library computers with their own library card number and PIN.

2.3    To ensure private information is not viewed by others, users are required to log out at the end of a session. Users of Library iPads must log out of email, social media and other personal accounts at the end of their session.

2.4    Computers and printer/copiers will shutdown 5 minutes before the library closes.

2.5    Bookings are cancelled if the user has not arrived within 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.

2.6    There is a limit of two people per computer, unless by prior arrangement with staff.

2.7    Users are expected to be able to use the computers with minimal assistance. Staff cannot provide assistance or advice with content and transactions which may be financial, legal, medical or personal.

2.8    Files and documents must be saved on the user’s portable storage device or cloud storage option prior to the end of the allocated time.

2.9    Library computers and mobile devices have a standard operating environment to maintain security, stability and functionality. Users must not attempt to make changes to their setup or configuration of computers.

2.10    Requests for specific software programs will be considered in accordance with Council criteria.

2.11    Users hold Council harmless from any claims, damages, obligations or liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the use of computer, mobile device or Wi-Fi facilities.

2.12    Council does not accept any liability whatsoever and is not responsible for any loss or damage occurring from the use of these facilities including the authority and reliability of websites or online content, service interruptions, technical problems, transmission of computer viruses or damage to the user’s hardware or software.

2.13    Anti-virus, security and privacy protection is the responsibility of the Wi-Fi user.

3. Parental permission and supervision

3.1    Internet users under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

3.2    Supervision of internet use by children under the age of 18 years is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and is agreed to when joining the library.  

4. Conduct in the library

4.1    Council is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our customers and staff.  Inappropriate use of the internet or computer facilities may result in loss of internet access and/or refusal of entry to the Library for a specified period.
This includes:

  •  tampering with equipment, settings and software
  •  displaying material deemed unsuitable for viewing in a public place
  •  illegal, criminal or anti-social (intimidation, harassment, bullying) internet use
  •  damage or theft of library resources

Internet access and computer use policy in languages other than English

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