Airport West Local Area Traffic Management study

We have been undertaking Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) studies in selected precincts within the municipality in order to manage vehicle movements, review parking restrictions and improve the residential environment.

In 2018/19, we are undertaking a LATM study of the Airport West precinct as part of this ongoing LATM program. The study area (png, 546KB) is generally bound by the Tullamarine Freeway, the Calder Freeway, and the Western Ring Road.

The study includes an extensive community consultation process to involve the local community in identifying traffic and parking issues and provides opportunities for community feedback on the developed traffic and parking proposals.

We need your ideas and feedback by Friday, 29 June. The questionnaire can be completed online by entering your access code. Residents will receive a postcard in the mail with their access code.

LATM study process

Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) is a study process which:

  • investigates traffic and parking conditions in local streets and areas
  • involves the community in identifying issues and developing solutions
  • considers the impacts of traffic management on an area-wide basis
  • aims to improve the residential environment

LATM recognises that streets serve many functions, such as:

  • providing for vehicle and pedestrian access to properties
  • providing for the movement of vehicles within and through an area
  • providing space for social interaction within a neighbourhood
  • providing access for emergency and service vehicles

Traffic management component

The LATM study process is an approach to traffic planning that looks at the total effect of traffic management in a local area rather than in isolated locations.

Through the study process, a draft Traffic Management Plan will set out recommended solutions to traffic issues identified by the community and the consultant’s engineering investigations. This plan will be circulated to all properties in the study area for community comment in late 2018.

The community response to the draft plan will be reviewed, prior to presenting the Recommended Traffic Management Plan in a report to Council.

Parking Management Component

The parking management component of the study involves the collection of detailed parking occupancy data across the whole study area.

Using the parking occupancy data, the streets where parking changes are warranted are determined based on our Parking Demand Management Framework. Our Kerbside Road Space User Hierarchy is then used to determine appropriate parking restrictions for each street.

A questionnaire will be distributed to the streets with proposed parking changes for community feedback in late 2018.

How can I be involved?

We need your ideas and feedback by Friday, 29 June. The questionnaire can be completed online by entering your access code. Residents will receive a postcard in the mail with their access code.

Contact details

If you require any further information or assistance with this survey, please contact our Transport team on 9243 8888 or email

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