Parking in Moonee Valley

Facing up to our parking issues

The demand for parking permits is already greater than the number of parking spaces available in some parts of our city, yet our population and that of cities around Moonee Valley will continue to increase. This could lead to more traffic, congestion and parking pressures.

We had to find solutions to the issues we are experiencing now and find ways to prevent problems from happening in the future. This involves encouraging our community to use our available parking supply in the most efficient way, and to think about the way we travel.

We are working to make Moonee Valley more pleasant and safer for walkers and bike riders as well as advocating to the State Government and major transport providers for improved public transport across our city.

However, we have also had to take some bold measures to ensure that our limited parking resources could be shared fairly by all road users.

Our Parking Strategy

One way we are planning for this growth is through our Municipal Parking Strategy, adopted in late 2011 and last updated in June 2017.

The decisions in the Parking Strategy were not made lightly. We understand that many residents will find the changes tough, but we had to take action now to reduce the number of cars in our local area as the population continues to grow. All inner urban councils are faced with these challenges and are taking the same approach.

Items in the strategy include:

  • New developments no longer get parking permits to park on the street. So if you are moving into the area you either need to purchase a place with parking or not own a car.
  • Reducing the number of permits per household. In the past, in some areas of Moonee Valley, more permits were issues compared to available spaces. The new limits to parking permits came into effect on 1 November 2013. 
  • Being able to purchase a book of 10 temporary parking vouchers for visitors, parities or special occasions.
  • A new hierarchy so we can consistently decide how our limited road space should be used and by whom.
  • Permits being for an area rather than just one street to help spread demand.    

Parking Permit Policy

The Parking Permit Policy (pdf, 6.7MB), adopted in May 2013 after community consultation throughout February-March, complements the Parking Strategy by providing more details on how to implement some of the measures adopted as part of the strategy. It was last updated in June 2017.

Paid parking

Following a Council resolution on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 we will not be continuing with a trial of paid parking in Moonee Valley.

We will continue to look at ways to free up parking spaces and ease parking pressure throughout the municipality.

The existing paid parking in Alexandra Avenue will remain unchanged.

Last updated: Wednesday, 8 May 2019, 5:10 AM