CityLink - Tullamarine Widening project

The Victorian Government, CityLink and Vic Roads have started a major roads project to widen the CityLink and Tullamarine Freeway from the West Gate Freeway to Melbourne Airport. Given our close proximity to the existing roadway, the project will significantly impact areas within Moonee Valley.

Construction began in late 2015 and expected to finish in early 2018.

Project contact details

For information on works including project updates and traffic and construction impacts visit the CityLink Tulla Widening project website or contact the project team:

Phone: 1300 783 947

Technical reports

VicRoads and Transurban have released a range of reports which were commissioned to assess the potential impacts of the CityLink Tullamarine Widening project for the section between Bulla Road and the Burnley tunnels.

Expert studies were undertaken in fields, including air quality, noise, archaeology and cultural heritage, hydrology and ecology. These reports are available via the link below.

We are currently undertaking an assessment of these reports, and will undertake an independent review and data collection in relation to noise impacts commencing from 7 September.

There have also been media reports of the traffic volume increases resulting from the project. The Traffic Report for this project has not yet been released, however we will be meeting with the Project Director to be briefed on the contents of the Traffic Report in the coming weeks.

Further information on noise predictions

According to the Technical Reports, VicRoads noise modelling found that in certain locations,

“…some changes to existing noise barriers will be needed. This may include installing new noise barriers or lengthening or extending the height of existing barriers.

As part of the detailed design phase, Transurban and its contractor Leighton Contractors will undertake traffic noise assessments to determine the actual noise levels and those forecast for 2035. This will determine where additional measures may be required”.

The VicRoads’ report and Council’s own monitoring shows that the residents of Flemington Housing Estate currently endure excessive noise levels (up to 69dBa) and that this will not change. Following our review we will again request VicRoads, Transurban and the State Government ensure:

  • Noise levels meet the required standards at the Flemington Housing Estate.
  • Are consistent along the length of the freeway, as at present two different noise standards would apply;
    • 68dBa north of Bulla Road, and
    • 63dBa south of Bulla Road
  • Urban design outcomes, including noise walls are appropriate and applied in all locations where they are needed.

At present we have not been advised of when similar information will be released for the part of the project that extends from Bulla Road to Melbourne Airport.

Our response

The works will impact Moonee Valley, and we have a few concerns outlined below.

  • We are concerned about the conflicts associated with the proposed collector distributor road (a separation of the freeway or toll road which forces drivers to choose their planned exit early and reduces the number of access ramps that directly interface with the freeway or toll road) between the Calder Freeway/Tullamarine Freeway Interchange and Bell Street. We believe this may cause further confusion and delays on this busy stretch of road.
  • The Bell Street exit to Pascoe Vale Road is of concern given this is likely to have noise and air quality impacts on Strathmore Secondary College.
  • There are a number of amenity impacts, including a permanent increase in shadowing over the Moonee Ponds Creek and Shared Creek Trail and these need to be addressed.
  • There is an opportunity to improve connectivity on the shared path network in the vicinity of the Bell Street exit to Pascoe Vale Road.
  • Given the gateway role this part of the freeway network plays to visitors to Melbourne from Melbourne Airport, we believe that the urban design outcomes are considered as an integral part of the project, and that high quality outcomes are prioritised.

Council resolutions

Our actions

  1. We have written to the Coordinator-General, Major Transport Infrastructure Program:
    • Outlining the key issues and opportunities identified above.
    • Requesting that Council be involved in reviewing the CityLink – Tulla Widening project's traffic modelling.
    • Requesting to be consulted / involved in any amendments to the Melbourne CityLink Act, CityLink Concession Deed and CityLink Planning Overlay.
    • Requesting that there be improved co-ordination between government agencies, contractors and Council.
    • That all relevant stakeholders along the route be included in the development of project outcomes.
  2. We requested that those leading this project participate in an information session to advise the Moonee Valley community of the project and its likely impacts during and after construction.
  3. We requested that priority be given to funding the widening of the Tullamarine Freeway from Melrose Drive to Melbourne Airport to ensure that the current vehicle congestion experienced during the am and pm peak periods on the freeway is mitigated and not exacerbated as a consequence of the CityLink/Tullamarine widening project.
Last updated: Tuesday, 27 March 2018, 11:47 AM