Staying in the Loop

Did you know that over 5,000 Moonee Valley residents have a hearing impairment and a further 200 residents are unable to communicate using speech alone?

We offer communication assistance for residents with a hearing or speech impairment, including:

Mobile hearing assistance kit

We have a mobile hearing assistance kit available for use at meetings and community events. The kit wirelessly transmits an amplified signal from the speaker to the user, who can listen using a headset. We can organise for the kit to be available if you require hearing assistance at meetings or events.

Counter loops

Counter loops allow users with a hearing instrument to ‘tune in’ and hear more clearly with less distracting background noise. These devices have been introduced in a number of our facilities, including the Civic Centre customer service area, Ascot Vale Neighbourhood Centre and all libraries.
Locations offering counter loops are identified with signage displaying the international symbol for deafness (above). Please ask a staff member to use a counter loop if you require hearing assistance to make your enquiry.

Council Chamber hearing assistance system

Our Council Chamber has recently been fitted with a hearing assistance system. The new system allows residents with a hearing impairment to hear amplified sound from the microphones in the room - simply collect a receiver and headset on arrival. The system supports those with a hearing impairment to participate in Council meetings and other events held in the Council Chamber.

National Relay Service

The National Relay Service (NRS) allows people with a hearing or speech impairment to make phone calls in the same way as everybody else. The NRS uses specially trained staff called relay officers, who act as a 'relay' between people with a hearing or speech impairment and the person or organisation they are contacting.

You can use a text telephone (TTY), regular telephone or computer to contact us using the National Relay Service. Simply call 133 677 or the visit the National Relay Service website, then request 03 9243 8888.

Please contact our MetroAccess Project Officer on 9243 8888 for more information on how these initiatives can help you to stay in the loop.

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 6:31 AM