Review of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme

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 October 2018 update

On 26 October, the Minister for Planning provided authorisation to prepare the Amendment subject to conditions. These conditions include:

  • ensuring local content is compliant with the State reforms brought on by Amendment VC148 which introduced an integrated Planning Policy Framework to all planning schemes in Victoria; and
  • updating all amendment documentation to reflect the amendment number 'C193moon'

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have released Planning Advisory Note 71 (pdf) and Planning Advisory Note 72 (pdf) to provide more information about Amendment VC148 and what this means for all councils.

 June 2018 update

The Moonee Valley Planning Scheme Review (PDF, 2.26MB) (Accessible word docx, 1.71MB) concluded that the current Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) does not adequately represent the vision, key issues, opportunities or strategic directions for the municipality. This is based on the direction articulated by the MV2040 Strategy - Council's long-term 'umbrella' strategy that will guide future work. The review also noted that the current content of the MSS is in many cases outdated, poorly phrased or a duplicate of State Government policy. The key recommendation was to comprehensively re-write the MSS to align with the MV2040 Strategy. The review also identified a number of technical deficiencies regarding the zones, overlays and schedules, all of which will be addressed in separate planning scheme amendments.

On Tuesday, 26 June 2018, Council adopted the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme Review report. At this meeting, Council also resolved to undertake Amendment C195.

Amendment C195 includes:

  • A new MSS that has been developed based on the recommendations of the Planning Scheme Review Report and to align with the MV2040 Strategy
  • A new Clause 22.06 - Environmental Sustainable Development.

What is a planning scheme?

A planning scheme is the legal instrument that guides all our decisions on planning and development. It includes a range of tools and sets out the provisions for land use, development and protection of land in the municipality.

Information contained within the planning scheme includes where and how people can develop their land and restrictions or controls in relation to land use. It is the framework for which we make our decisions on planning permit applications.

Why review a planning scheme?

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, a planning scheme must be reviewed regularly to ensure that it is up to date. This includes reflecting local strategic direction, addressing key issues currently facing the municipality, and anticipating potential challenges.

The purpose of a planning scheme review is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the planning scheme in achieving:

  • the objectives of planning in Victoria
  • the objectives and strategies of the planning scheme, including the SPPF and the LPPF
  • a thorough review of the schemes provisions, such as the local planning policies, zones, overlays and schedules, and whether they facilitate the objectives and strategies of the planning scheme.

To successful carry out this work, we must:

  • identify the major planning issues facing the municipality
  • demonstrate how it implements the SPPF
  • assess the LPPF strategic performance alongside the SPPF
  • document the strategic work that has been completed or carried out since the previous review, including any additional work required to strengthen its strategic direction
  • identify new strategic work necessary to support future policy development or changes
  • outline the consultation process and its outcomes
  • make recommendations arising from the review.
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