Guidelines public safety

Read our good practice guidelines (pdf, 50kb) for information on public safety and convenience at construction sites.

The guidelines highlight some of the responsibilities of property owners and builders when undertaking building work in the City of Moonee Valley such as:

  • minimising the risk of injury at work sites and to the public
  • reducing stormwater pollution from building sites
  • controlling nuisance around building sites
  • promoting building practice that reduces damage to our property and environment
  • improving the construction quality of buildings
  • encouraging owners, builders, contractors and suppliers to act responsibly when conducting building work or making deliveries to building sites
  • providing guidance in complying with the relevant local laws and regulations.

Property owners should familiarise themselves with these guidelines before starting building work. We also encourage you to discuss the guidelines with your builder.

Last updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 1:55 AM