Avoiding stormwater pollution at building sites

It is easy to avoid stormwater pollution running off your building site and into our waterways.

Builder and owner responsibilities

It is illegal to allow anything other than water to enter the stormwater system.

Both the property owner and the builder must make sure the following do not enter a drain, gutter, ditch, creek, tunnel, bridge, culvert, pit, easement, property, or any watercourse:

  • soil
  • cement slurry
  • silt
  • rubbish
  • liquids
  • other building materials

Here are six site rules to keep stormwater and waterways clean:

  1. Check our requirements and plan before you start work on site
  2. Stop erosion onsite so the remains don’t run off the site and into a stormwater pit
  3. Don’t put stockpiles over gutters and keep them with sandbags or other barriers
  4. Keep mud off the road using a rumble grid to clear mud from tyres before leaving the site
  5. Keep rubbish contained on site and recycle wherever possible
  6. Clean and wash up on site making sure no used water goes into the stormwater drain.
Last updated: Wednesday, 23 January 2019, 6:29 AM