Heritage Study 2017

March 2019 update

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, 12 March 2019, Council adopted the Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study and resolved to seek Ministerial authorisation to prepare and exhibit Amendment C200moon to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme. 

Introducing the 2017 Heritage Study

We've been working on a heritage study called the Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study. The study focuses on interwar, Victorian, Edwardian residential places, precincts and extension to existing precincts. The places, precincts and cluster identified in the Gap Study form the basis of the Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study. 

The study was conducted by heritage experts, Context, who have assessed the local significance of each places and precincts in the municipality.  

Please follow the links to the Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study and view the detailed assessment for each place, serial listing or precinct. 

Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study Vol 1 Precincts and Precincts Extensions

Moonee Valley 2017 Heritage Study Vol 2 Places

What is the focus of this Heritage Study?

In 2014, Moonee Valley undertook a Heritage Gap Study to identify gaps in Moonee Valley's heritage protection and established a work program to guide future heritage studies. The adopted study identified places of potential heritage value under a range of themes.

The Heritage Study 2017 will focus on the following residential places, clusters and precincts for:

  • Interwar,
  • Victorian,
  • Edwardian, and
  • Extensions to existing precincts.

The study will include assessments of each heritage place, cluster or precinct.  

Where can I get more information?

Find out more about the process of the study and what a Heritage Overlay means for your property by watching our heritage videos

For more information please call the Strategic Planning unit on 9243 8888 or email strategicplanning@mvcc.com.au

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