The nine historical themes in the Moonee Valley Thematic Environmental History

1. Shaping Victoria’s environment

This theme looks at the geography of Moonee Valley, including rivers and creeks.

2. Peopling Victoria’s places and landscapes

This theme traces the early settlement of Moonee Valley from the beginning of settlement in Victoria and the impact of the Victorian gold rushes.

3. Connecting Victorians by transport and communication

This theme looks at the expansion of Moonee Valley through the development of roads, rivers, railways, tramlines, aviation and postal services.

4. Transforming the land

This theme traces the rural history of Moonee Valley, including pastoral beginnings, agriculture, horticulture and stock markets.

5. Building Victoria’s industries and workforce

This theme looks at industries developed in line with settlement patterns in Moonee Valley, including industries and commercial enterprises developed as a result of war time and post-war industrial change.

6. Building towns, cities and the garden state

This theme looks at the patterns of residential development, including housing and garden styles.

7. Governing Victorians

This theme covers Moonee Valley’s administration, including levels of local, state and federal government, as well as law and order.

8. Building community life

This theme looks at religious, educational and cultural institutions in Moonee Valley.

9. Shaping cultural and creative life

This theme covers cultural organisations within the study area, including sports clubs and facilities, artists, performers, cultural activities and sites.

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