What is heritage

Heritage encompasses many things – the way we live, our history, values and traditions.

A heritage place can include anything from a specific site or building through to a whole region or landscape. Heritage places can provide essential links with the past and help us to define our shared community history.

Heritage significance is usually measured against the aesthetic, historic, scientific, social or spiritual value of the place.

A heritage place can include an individual building, a precinct covering a large number of properties, trees, gardens or natural habitat. 

Why protect heritage?

We need to protect heritage because Moonee Valley is constantly changing and growing.

As Melbourne’s population continues to increase, we need to cater for part of this growing population to live in Moonee Valley. This means there is more development pressure. This can be clearly seen by the number of new units and townhouses being built. This trend is going to continue, as Moonee Valley is a sought-after place to live. In addition, the State Government’s planning policy directs much of Melbourne’s population growth into inner urban areas like Moonee Valley.

Because of this increasing development and change, it is important for us to put plans in place to ensure that change does not result in the loss of important heritage places.

How do we protect heritage?

We protect heritage by undertaking heritage studies and then applying the Heritage Overlay to places or areas that are identified as having heritage significance.

Why is Council involved in heritage?

Under State Government legislation, councils are the only level of government that can protect places that have local heritage significance.

The State Government becomes involved with places that are of state significance.

We protect local heritage in accordance with State Government legislation, guidelines and processes.

A property may belong to an owner, but heritage belongs to the whole community.

Watch our heritage videos to find out more about heritage in Moonee Valley.

Heritage in Moonee Valley

Dispelling the myths around heritage protection

Want more information?

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