What are activity centres?

Activity centres are where people shop, work, meet, relax and often live.

They are usually well served by public transport and can range in size from local neighbourhood shopping streets to universities and major regional shopping malls.

Activity centres will be the focus of major change over the next 40 years, as we prepare for Melbourne's population growth. The State Government is directing councils to put the population growth in and around busy centres (activity centres), where there are shops, services and access to public transport.

What is a Structure Plan?

A structure plan maps out a long-term direction of how our activity centres should grow and develop. They are used in assessing planning permit applications for new developments, as well as improvements to roads, footpaths, community facilities, and open space. Structure plans guide the development of policies and changes to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

A structure plan generally has information on transport, land use, built form, and the environment - as well as details on how we will implement any changes.

Activity centres in Moonee Valley

Moonee Ponds Activity Centre

The Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Structure Plan (pdf, 16.27MB) was adopted in March 2010 and updated in June 2012. 

Find out more about the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre.

Airport West

The Airport West Activity Centre Structure Plan (pdf, 1.43MB) was adopted in June 2008. We are currently undertaking a review of the existing structure plan.

Find out more about the Airport West Activity Centre.

Keilor Road and North Essendon

We adopted the Keilor Road Activity Centre Structure Plan and North Essendon Activity Centre Structure Plan in December 2011. We are implementing these structure plans through the Planning Scheme as part of Amendment C117. This amendment was adopted by Council and was gazetted on 10 April 2014.

Union Road and Racecourse Major Activities Areas

We prepared draft structure plans, urban design guidelines and activity centre zones for the Union Road and Racecourse Road Activities Areas, however at its regular meeting on 23 July 2013, Council resolved to abandon the Racecourse Road and Union Road Activities Area Structure Plans and Amendments C118 and C119. The proposal to implement the Racecourse Road and Union Road Structure Plans and Urban Design Guidelines via the Activity Centre Zone will therefore not proceed.

Council may re-look at these documents again at a later stage and provide the community with another opportunity to provide input and feedback.

Essendon Junction Activity Centre (EJAC)

We are currently undertaking a structure plan for the Essendon Junction Activity Centre. The centre is anchored around Essendon train station and offers a thriving commercial, residential, recreational and educational precinct.

Find out more about the Essendon Junction Activity Centre.

Smaller activity centres (neighbourhood and local centres)

Neighbourhood and local activity centres are not expected to experience as much growth as the larger activity centres described above.

It is still important to ensure that there are policies and strategies in place to guide development of all activity centres, so we will be working on preparing guidelines for the smaller centres over the coming years.

Last updated: Monday, 11 December 2017, 2:22 AM