Moonee Ponds Activity Centre

Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Local Plan

Council has developed the draft MPAC to 2040 – Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Local Plan which is proposed to replace the current Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Structure Plan 2010 (updated 2012). The Local Plan supports the directions of MV2040 and outlines a vision for the activity centre that is beautiful, green, easy to move around, full of life, and celebrates the area’s heritage character. Council is also proposing new planning controls that will help realise this vision.

Informal consultation is open from 23 April to 17 May and we are calling for submissions. To view the Local Plan, planning controls and all other relevant background document visit the MPAC Your Say page.

Two drop in sessions will be held for the community to speak to consultants and Council officers:

  • Monday, 29 April – 10am to 1pm
    Clocktower Centre – Balcony Tower Room
    750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds
  • Wednesday, 1 May – 4pm-7pm
    Clocktower Centre – Café (ground level)
    750 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds

Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Structure Plan

The Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Structure Plan (pdf, 16.27MB) was adopted in March 2010 and updated in June 2012. 

We then prepared an amendment to the planning scheme (Amendment C100) to incorporate the key strategies and requirements of the Structure Plan into the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme. Community consultation on the proposed amendment occurred in late 2011, and a number of submissions were received.

The submissions were referred to an independent panel for review.

The Panel Report was received and the amendment was adopted by Council in April 2012. The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C100 and it was gazetted on 30 March 2015. 

Moonee Ponds Activity Centre (MPAC) pilot program

In December 2016 the State Government announced that MPAC would be the site of a new pilot program aimed at improving the management of heights in activity centres and delivering public benefits to the community.

The pilot program will consider how planning controls can be improved to give greater certainty to the community and reflect the strategic planning we have undertaken for MPAC. 

At its meeting on 13 June 2017, Council confirmed its support for and participation in the pilot project and resolved to request the introduction of interim mandatory built form controls within MPAC for a period of 12 months while work is undertaken to establish new permanent built form controls for the activity centre.

This will include a review of building heights, and implementing a range of building form controls such as floor ratios, building setbacks and additional controls regarding overshadowing and wind effects. It will also include exploring the appropriateness of a mechanism to deliver public benefits in the activity centre.

Update October 2017 - interim controls announced

On 3 October 2017 the introduction of interim mandatory built form controls within MPAC into the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme was announced by the State Government. These controls came into effect on 12 October 2017.

The 12-month interim controls convert the existing maximum heights, which range from 3 to 16 storeys across MPAC, from preferred to mandatory. They exclude Moonee Valley Racecourse which went through a separate Advisory Committee process.

We expect that the permanent controls will be released for public feedback in early 2018 and the public benefits mechanism will be developed in mid-2018.

View Amendment C183 which introduces the interim mandatory built form controls into the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme.

New park and car park in the heart of Moonee Ponds

We are investigating options to create a new park and build a multi-storey car park in the heart of the Moonee Ponds Activity Centre.

At its 24 October meeting, Council committed $60,000 towards a preliminary traffic study and feasibility study for the project.

The study will investigate using two existing Council sites at 11-25 Shuter Street and 61-71 Hall Street which are currently used as ground level car parks. By converting one of these into a multi-storey car park, the other site can be transformed into a green open space without losing, and potentially gaining parking spots depending on the final design.

We will also be investigating additional community benefits this opportunity presents such as incorporating sustainable transport by providing things like bicycle storage, solar power and electric car charging in the new multi-story car park. We will also look at how the new green space could encourage new community activities such as a market.

We will be engaging with the Chamber of Commerce and local traders during the initial phase and will undertake further community consultation pending the outcome of the feasibility study.

Read the media release (doc, 41KB).

Former Moonee Ponds Market site

For information about the development at the former Moonee Ponds Market site visit the market site web page.

Moonee Ponds parking map 

Did you know there are more than 1,800 off street parking spaces in Moonee Ponds Activity Centre?

This car park map for Moonee Ponds (pdf, 1.8MB) helps visitors and shoppers locate car parks. You can pick up a hard copy of the map from retail outlets within Moonee Ponds.

Don’t own a car? Moonee Ponds is very accessible by public transport. Plan your public transport journey on the Public Transport Victoria website.

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