Amendment C132 Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Car Parking Plan

August update – Amendment C132 refused by Minister for Planning

The Minister for Planning has decided not to approve Amendment C132 to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme, stating he considers the work underpinning the Car Parking Plan to introduce a cash in lieu scheme to fund projects that improve public transport or parking within the boundaries of Moonee Ponds Activity Centre (MPAC) to be insufficient.

The Minister acknowledged the work we have completed to justify a cash in lieu scheme but feels the type of projects that we are seeking to fund within MPAC would be better achieved using other means, such as special rates charge or development contributions scheme.

He also suggested that car parking works within MPAC could be funded through the current MPAC pilot program via revised planning controls that will be implemented under this project.

We will liaise with the State Government regarding a way forward and will keep the community updated. 

Moonee Ponds Activity Centre Car Parking Plan

We have developed a draft car parking plan which aims to better manage parking and transport within Moonee Ponds Activity Centre (MPAC) by introducing a parking overlay.

The overlay:

1. Revises the required parking rates for MPAC within the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme to the State Government’s recommended rates for activity centres (known as ‘Column B’ rates).

2. Establishes a cash in lieu scheme for funding new public car parking and active transport improvements.

3. Outlines necessary transport improvements and initiatives to better manage parking within MPAC.

We undertook consultation on the draft car parking plan and associated amendment from 4 February to 17 March 2016, and a number of submissions were received from interested stakeholders. We produced a fact sheet (pdf, 3MB) about the draft car parking plan for the consultation.

All submissions were then referred to an Independent Planning Panel and the Panel Hearing was held on 24 and 26 May 2016.

At its 20 December Ordinary Meeting, Council resolved to adopt Amendment C132 incorporating a number of minor changes following the Independent Planning Panel but maintaining the financial contribution scheme.

Council further resolved to submit the Amendment to the Minister for Planning, along with an additional strategic justification for the proposed financial contribution scheme to demonstrate that the Panel’s concerns have been addressed, and request that the Amendment be approved in full.

Council further resolved to write to the Minister for Planning to request a review of Practice Notes 22 – Using the Car Parking Provisions and 57 – The Parking Overlay to consider the establishment of a standard methodology for determining appropriate ‘cash-in-lieu’ rates to be paid in place of providing car parking spaces and ensure clarity for councils seeking to apply the Parking Overlay within their municipality.

View the Council report (see agenda for 20 December 2016).

View the appendices to the Council report:

For more information please contact the Strategic Planning team by email or by calling 9243 8888.

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