Ascot Chase/Enclave residential development

What is the Ascot Chase project?

The Ascot Chase project is a residential development of approximately 400 dwellings on 16 hectares of land bounded by Walter Street, the Walter Street Reserve, Newsom Street, Stanford Street and Doncaster Street in Ascot Vale.

Ascot Chase features:

  • Located just seven kilometres from the CBD
  • Two hectares of parkland
  • Wetlands
  • An outdoor amphitheatre
  • Walking and cycling trails
  • A community of modern homes

Construction Management Plan (CMP)

Construction Management Plan (CMP) (docx, 392KB) is a condition of a Planning Permit. This condition is a requirement of large or difficult to build developments. Each CMP specifies how construction activity for that project will be organised to minimise disruption to the surrounding community.

We recognise that the individual construction sites at the Mirvac (Enclave) development in Ascot Vale are relatively small in size, however due to the large number of lots within each stage, construction activity at such a scale and density can become difficult to manage and impact on the environment, local residents, amenities and assets.

As a part of the Planning Permit for the staged subdivision at the Mirvac (Enclave) development site in Ascot Vale, a CMP is required for each individual dwelling as a condition of the Planning Permit.

To assist individual sites in providing a CMP, we have prepared a list of conditions that are to be followed during the construction by the Responsible Builder and all subcontractors and trades working on the site.

The guidelines address a range of issues to be managed onsite, including:

  • public safety, amenity and site security
  • operating hours
  • noise and vibration controls
  • air and dust management
  • stormwater and sediment control
  • waste and materials re-use and traffic management.

New traffic signals

As part of the development, improvement works will be undertaken at the intersection of Epsom Road, Doncaster Street and Mirams Street.

The works, which are required to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area, include:

  • new traffic signal lights
  • pedestrian crossings
  • road resurfacing
  • line markings
  • signage

plan provides more detail.

It is estimated that these improvements works will commence on Monday, 12 January and are expected to take approximately six weeks to complete. Although unlikely, timings are subject to change and the contractor will send a letter to surrounding residents shortly before works commence.

We are working in partnership with the developer to undertake these works and, while we don't envisage any major disruptions, we will endeavour to minimise the impact on residents during construction.

New land owners

The following information is provided to assist you in obtaining the necessary planning approval from Council for the construction of your new home:

Important note: The site is considered a ‘Class P’ site with regards to classification for residential development due to the thickness of uncontrolled fill and the presence of the weak soils (Coode Island Silts) at depth over parts of the site which will lead to ongoing settlement. Please contact our Technical Services Department on 9243 8888 for further information.

Want to know more?

Read our:

  • Development Plan (pdf, 1.22MB) which sets out the framework for the future planning and development of the Ascot Chase project (as per Schedule 4 to the Development Plan Overlay of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme).

  • Construction Management Plan (pdf, 373KB), otherwise referred to as a Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP). This CEMP has been prepared by GHD Pty Ltd for Urbex Pty Ltd, and is applicable to the Ascot Chase development. The CEMP was endorsed as part of the Development Plan for the Ascot Chase development and is included as Appendix 6 in the Development Plan. The purpose of the CEMP is to bring to the attention of all parties working on site, environmental protection requirements to ensure that they are effectively managed throughout all the design and construction stages of the project. Contractors have an obligation to ensure that appropriate implementation measures are put in place and maintained with respect to all matters raised in the CEMP.

  • Integrated Project Management Plan (pdf, 435KB). In light of issues arising out the CEMP, an Integrated Project Management Plan (IPMP) was prepared and submitted by BMD Pty Ltd (the major Civil contractor for Ascot Chase). The IPMP has been prepared for the environmental management for the Ascot Chase project and specifically for the control of the bulk earthmoving stage of works.

In addition to the above documents, all residential building works not covered by the bulk earthmoving and civil works, are subject to our relevant Local Laws and EPA regulations.

For more information in the following areas, call:

  • General project information: Urbex Pty Ltd Developer on 9811 3444
  • Construction management information: BMD Constructions (Project Builder) on 9811 3444
  • Council related information: Statutory Planning unit on 9243 8888

Frequently asked questions

What is happening with the wetlands?
Following extensive consultation with Mirvac and  Melbourne Water, Council have approved the final Wetlands design and layout. The wetlands provide an important function in managing potential flooding and stormwater drainage within the Ascot Chase/Enclave residential development. The wetlands are required to be completed before the issue of a Statement of Compliance for the final stage of the Ascot Chase/Enclave development. A copy of the approved wetlands plan and layout is available at Council’s offices for inspection during Business Hours.

What are the hours of operation for construction?

The hours of operation are 7am to 6pm weekdays and, following discussions and agreement by all involved parties (EPA, Council, Development Manager and Contractors), current site activities will start no earlier than 9am on Saturday. All subsequent Ascot Chase construction hours of operation will be in accordance with the applicable regulations.

How will construction dust be managed?

BMD Construction along with GHD Engineering Consultants have consulted with us to develop a Construction Management to keep any dust coming from the site to a minimum.

We have requested that construction contractors employ the following additional measures:

  • Installing wind fences around exposed soil in areas susceptible to dust generation
  • Set up truck wash down areas for vehicles accessing the site
  • Have a water cart on site to water down exposed soil
  • Sweep and wash all access roads regularly
  • Clean the silt in stormwater pits and road channels regularly

Regular Council visits to the site will be carried out to make sure the construction contractor is complying with these measures.

How will construction traffic be managed?

We have installed signage for construction vehicles entering Doncaster Street, recommending that construction traffic comply with a 40kph speed limit and avoid using air brakes.

The developer will hire accredited traffic controllers to control vehicle movements as required to ensure safe passage of vehicles and limit traffic queuing at intersections where required. In addition, we will be monitoring vehicle volumes and speeds through the installation of road traffic counters.

Upon completion of the second stage, the developer will install permanent traffic signals at the intersection of Doncaster Street and Epsom Road. In addition, traffic calming in the form of raised pavements will be installed along Doncaster Street to further manage vehicle speeds.

How will any contaminated soil be managed on site?

Condition 25 on Planning Permit MV/318/2011 for 15 Newsom Street, Ascot Vale (Stages 3-5), states:

"Prior to the issue of a Statement of Compliance for each stage and in accordance with Clause 3.11 of Section 173 Agreement AD791499V, the permit holder shall produce  to the Responsible Authority a statement prepared by an approved Environmental Auditor which certifies that the conditions contained in the Statements of Environmental  Audit have been satisfied and that the land included in that stage is suitable for residential purposes.”

As part of early works on stages 3-5, stockpiles have been classified into relevant categories and the movement of stockpiles are to be tracked as part of the Environmental Management Plan and part of the Environmental Audit.  Stockpiles considered unsuitable for reuse in the fill platform have been isolated and will be disposed of offsite.

What is happening with the Telecommunication Tower?

A request to relocate the existing telecommunication facilities to an alternative location on the same site was initiated by the original developer (Urbex) of Ascot Chase at the early marketing stage.

Council was agreeable to the request provided that the telecommunication providers are in support of the relocation and that existing and established residential properties would not be adversely affected by the proposed relocation.

The Chief Executive of Moonee Valley City Council wrote to the relevant telecommunication service provider with the intent to obtain their support for the proposed relocation. In response to this request Council was advised that the relocation is not supported based on technical considerations and compromised service delivery.

It is advised that there is no planning permit requirement or agreement that Council are aware of which requires the telecommunication mast to be relocated. Council now considers that this matter is finalised unless the relevant telecommunication providers wish to partake in further negotiations regarding the relocation of the telecommunication tower.

How can I keep informed about this project?

This webpage will be regularly updated or you can visit Mirvac's website.

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