Responding to planning permit conditions

A planning permit is a legal document that allows a certain use or development to proceed on a specified parcel of land. When a Planning Permit is issued, it is either:

  • issued in accordance with endorsed plans (plans that are stamped and approved by us simultaneously with the issue of the Planning Permit); or
  • issued subject to conditions of the permit requiring amended plans and other relevant documents to be submitted to us for endorsement prior to the start of any use and/or development of the site.

In most cases the second point will apply and you will be required to submit plans and/or documentation to us to be endorsed.

How to submit

Prior to submitting an application you will need to have registered for our online services. Please allow up to 48 hours for your registration to be processed. 

Register online 

Once you have registered an account you can use the following link to submit your plans/documents (you will be prompted to log in first if you haven't done so):

Submit documents for endorsement

When submitting documentation to us you will be required to enter the address of the application, the permit number, and the specific condition/s of the permit you are responding to. Please note, you will only be able to respond to one permit condition at a time.

The following documents can be submitted through the online applications portal:

  • Condition 1 plans (including STORM and BESS reports if these requirements are also tied to Condition 1 on your permit)
  • Landscape Plans
  • WSUD detail plans
  • WSUD Site Management Plans
  • WSUD Maintenance Programs
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Other assorted conditional requirements, such as Acoustic Reports etc.

Please note that while our planning officers do their best to process applications as quickly as possible it will take some time for your documents to be reviewed. You should allow for a minimum of 15 business days for this process.

Multiple revisions of plans/documents

As per our Statutory Planning fee schedule (pdf, 414KB), a fee of $100 will be incurred for each revision after the first that is submitted for assessment. Please take care to ensure that your plans/documents have addressed all of the requirements of the permit condition that you are responding to avoid paying this fee. If you do not understand a permit condition it is recommended that you contact us to speak with a planner.

Guides for document submissions

For WSUD and ESD guidelines, see the WSUD and ESD page.

Waste Management Plans

A Waste Management Plan (WMP) is often required to be prepared and endorsed as a condition of a planning permit. This condition is normally applied to multi-dwelling developments but can also be applied to proposals where waste generation is a consideration. Larger and more complex development applications such as multi-storey building proposals will often be required to demonstrate suitable waste management on a WMP prior to a planning permit being approved.

Waste Management Plans are important to ensure that waste management systems don’t adversely affect pedestrian spaces, local businesses, traffic, litter, noise and odours.

A WMP has minimum requirements and preferred design options, and these are outlined in Council’s Waste Management Plans – A guideline for planning applicants (pdf, 1.33MB). It is important that all information outlined in the minimum requirements of the guidelines are adequately addressed.

Where additional information is required or is not adequate, Council may request further detail and a resubmission of a WMP. A fee of $280.90 - $2000.00 will be applied for each WMP resubmission for review and assessment. Fees will be applied to reflect the inadequacy of the WMP.

The objective of a WMP is to ensure that new developments consider and implement best practice waste management designs and systems. When possible waste management systems should be discussed with the Statutory Planning department before the application is submitted.

WMPs can be submitted through Council's online applications portal:

Register online 

Once you have registered an account you can use the following link to submit your plans/documents (you will be prompted to log in first if you haven't done so):

Submit documents for endorsement

Construction and Site Management Plans

Construction Site Management Plans (CSMPs) are reviewed by our Development Engineering team and as such they are lodged through a different portal.

A Construction and Site Management Plan (CSMP) is a condition of a planning permit. This condition is usually applied to large or difficult to build developments.

CSMPs are necessary to ensure construction sites, including demolition and excavation, do not adversely affect health, safety, amenity, traffic or the environment in the surrounding area. It must also address broader obligations such as recycling, waste management and environmental initiatives. A CSMP must fully consider and address each stage of construction, including demolition, excavation and construction.
The objective of a CSMP is to plan ahead for each phase of construction, minimising the impact on:

  • neighbours and nearby residents
  • businesses and public venues (e.g. Melbourne Showgrounds and Flemington Racecourse)
  • users of public footpaths, roads, bike paths and reserves
  • traffic flow within the surrounding street network
  • public parking within the vicinity of the site
  • the environment and local waterways
  • trees on and surrounding a development site

A permit holder (responsible builder or developer) should first check the planning permit to determine if the proposed development meets a condition or conditions which require a CSMP to be submitted to us for approval.

CSMP Guidelines and Template and online submission

Where a CSMP is required, please use the Moonee Valley City Council CSMP Guidelines in conjunction with the CSMP Template to help you prepare a satisfactory CSMP:

Please ensure all details are provided in your CSMP submission and that they are clear and concise.

Once you have completed the CSMP template, submit your application online:

Where additional information is required or is not adequate, we may request further detail and a resubmission. A fee of $280.90 will be applied for each CSMP resubmission for review and assessment. Complete this secondary application online:

Please note, where our CSMP Template is not used to develop a CSMP, submissions must address all matters for consideration to Council’s satisfaction.
Where construction commences without an endorsed CSMP in place, significant Penalty Infringement Notices will apply and works will be ordered to cease.

Approved Construction Site Management Plans

View a list of approved Construction Site Management Plans.

For further information 

For further information please contact Development Engineering team on 9243 8814 or email

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