What is the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme?

Planning in the City of Moonee Valley is governed by the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme which contains state and local planning policies, zoning and overlay controls as well as particular provisions relating to specific aspects of land use and development such as car parking and advertising signage controls.

In many instances a specific clause of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme will outline specific activities (such as land uses or building works) which require a planning permit – these are known as permit triggers. Clauses in the planning scheme will also often outline application requirements as well decision guidelines or criteria for the Responsible Authority (Council) to consider when assessing applications.

What are zones, overlays and particular provisions?


Zones determine what land uses are permitted in any given area, and can also specify whether buildings and works require a planning permit.

Specific land uses are categorised in each zone as either Section 1 (known as ‘as of right’ – no planning permit required if specific conditions are met), Section 2 (a planning permit is required before the use can commence), and Section 3 (the use is prohibited in this zone). Examples of zones in Moonee Valley include the General Residential Zone, Commercial 1 Zone and Activity Centre Zone.


Overlays differ from zones as they regulate buildings and works rather than land use and often relate to certain physical characteristics of an area. For example, areas of local cultural, social or architectural significance may be affected by a heritage overlay, which includes planning permit triggers for most physical changes to the appearance of a property. Other examples include the special building overlay which affects land which is prone to 1 in 100 year flooding events and the Melbourne airport environs overlay which applies to properties located nearby to Tullarmarine Airport. 

Particular provisions

The particular provisions of the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme assist Council in assessing the acceptability of planning permit proposals by setting out requirements and criteria for different application types. Examples of particular provisions include car parking (sets out how many car spaces are required to be provided for certain land uses as well as outlining how car spaces should be designed), advertising signage (outlines what type of signage can be displayed in certain areas) and ResCode (the set of standards that residential development should comply with – known as Clause 54 for single dwellings, Clause 55 for multi-dwelling developments and Clause 58 for apartment developments of five or more stories).

Local Policies

Each Council has its own set of local policies in a planning scheme which seek to achieve the specific land use and development objectives of the area. Examples of local planning policies in Moonee Valley are stormwater management (water sensitive urban design – which aims to reduce pollutants entering the stormwater system and increase re-use of rainwater in the municipality) and the licensed premises policy (outlines additional guidelines for licensed premises operating in the municipality).

How do I know which Zone or Overlay applies on my land?

You can search your property address on VicPlan to see what zones and overlays apply to your land, and then review the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme

For specific advice about how a local policy, zone, overlay or particular provision may affect your proposal it is strongly recommended that you consult an independent town planning professional, or if you already have a proposal in mind and want some advice before lodging you can request a pre-application meeting.

Planning Scheme Amendments

As the Responsible Authority for the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme, Council may make amendments to the scheme to reflect policy updates in accordance with the strategic direction for the management of growth and change in the municipality. To find out more about current proposed planning scheme amendments see the long term planning in Moonee Valley page.


Last updated: Friday, 10 May 2019, 10:56 PM